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Crist critical of McCollum's immigration proposal, continues to waffle on caucus issue



Appearing on CNN moments ago, Gov. Charlie Crist said he does not agree with Attorney General Bill McCollum's proposed law to crackdown on illegal immigrants.

"I don't like the Arizona law," Crist said, referring to McCollum's inspiration. "I don't think it's the right way to go." Crist said he was concerned about racial profiling. "The notion that you would pull somebody over because of how they looked or how they appeared and based on maybe nothing else but that ... I don't think that's a state that anybody would enjoy."

Host Wolf Blitzer noted that Crist was in town for a fundraiser featuring Democrats and asked the question everyone seems to be asking of the former Republican now independent U.S. Senate candidate:

If elected, will you caucus with Republicans or Democrats?

"I've always said that I'll caucus with the people of Florida, and what I mean by that is issue-by-issue." Crist replied.

He successfully warded off several Blitzer follow-ups. "You just can't caucus with yourself, if you will, if you want to have some influence," Blitzer said, referring to the committee structure.

Of President Obama's trip to the Panhandle this weekend, Crist said, "It will be a great advertisement for the Sunshine State."

Marco Rubio's campaign circulated a clip of the Crist interview in which he says he would "probably" decide on which party to caucus with after the election. That means he is being noncommittal now for purely election reasons, Rubio said.

Rubio also was on national TV today talking about immigration. But Fox News asked him about comments Harry Reid made, not whether Rubio likes the Arizona law or whether Florida should adopt a similar one.

[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 10:19am]


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