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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Crist releases new anti-Rubio Web ad



UPDATE: Rubio reacts to 'false, desperate attack' See the jump. UPDATE 2: Rubio has own video.

Left unsaid is that Gov. Charlie Crist has been accused of his own flip flops on some issues, including "cap and trade" and immigration.

Start Rubio campaign response:

In the wake of a remarkable string of stinging defeats, including last night’s Straw Poll rebuke in his home county, Charlie Crist has churned out another false, negative web ad.

The gist: Marco Rubio isn’t a conservative.  That would be pretty funny if it weren’t so dishonest.  After all, this is the same Charlie Crist who once ran a campaign ad so low down and dirty, that Jeb Bush rebuked it on national television.

Consider the rank Crist hypocrisy:

  •  Charlie Crist, supporter of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill, attacks Marco Rubio as not strong enough on immigration.
  • Charlie Crist, who tried to impose cap-and-trade on Florida by executive order, attacks Marco Rubio on cap-and-trade. 
  • Charlie Crist, fresh off a $2.2 billion tax increase and broken Tax Pledge, attacks Marco Rubio on taxes.  
  • Charlie Crist, the number one Republican supporter of Barack Obama’s failed stimulus plan, attacks Marco Rubio on the stimulus.
  • Charlie Crist, who appointed an anti-2nd Amendment judge to the Supreme Court, attacks Marco Rubio on 2nd Amendment issues.

Who does he think he’s fooling?
The fact is that Jim DeMint, Dick Armey, Jim Inhofe, Mike Huckabee, Paul Ryan, the Club for Growth, the Family Research Council, CPAC, the National Review, Laura Ingraham and countless other mainstream conservative leaders and groups have evaluated the record and support Marco Rubio.

They know the truth:  Floridians can trust Marco Rubio to go to Washington, stand up against the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda and offer a clear alternative.  Floridians know they can’t trust Charlie Crist, Barack Obama’s favorite Republican governor, to do the same.

-- End Rubio campaign response.

Rubio campaign video response:

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