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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Crist word for word on Senate race, etc.



In a brief and wide-ranging chat with Gov. Charlie Crist, he seemed cool not just to running for the Senate again, but to almost any question the press asked. Here's a transcript:

Q: Do you like the sound of Sen. Charlie Crist?

“I ran for it once. I sure like Gov. Charlie Crist thanks to the people of Florida.”

Q: This could be a messy Republican primary, with Allan Bense, Marco Rubio and even Jeb Bush (though he’s temperamentally not hard-wired for a legislative body) looking interested. Anything you will do to clear the field?

A: “I believe in democracy as you know. I look forward to the opportunity to consult with Sen. Martinez. And see what his desires are, if he has any advice or counsel along those lines.”

Q: Why did Mel Martinez say he was stepping down?

A: “It’s for his family.”

Q: What are the chances a Republican can win in this purple state?

A: “The chances are good. It all depends, obviously, on who the candidate is. That’s probably more important in Florida than in a lot of states. But Florida has proven time and time again that she votes the person and not the party.”

Q: Preference: Bense or Rubio?

A: “No”

Q: In a letter today to Barack Obama, you suggested all 4.8-million Floridians ‘will’ get affordable health insurance when it’s no guarantee.

A: “There was caveat language in it: Choice, opportunity.” (Not quite)

Q: You said there was a $6B deficit. Revenue estimators say $7 billion. Is there any reason for the discrepancy?

A: No. Six was the number we got from Jerry (McDaniel the budget director)

Q: You said we’re “creating” 38,000 new jobs. Yet the last job-loss figures don’t show this. Why?

A: “Creating versus. Created.”

Q: So we’re creating?

A: “Hopefully”

Q: How about the idea that $1.4B is “pumping” through the economy. It hasn’t happened yet?

A: “No. We’re still rolling it out.”

Q: Do you support Sen. Nan Rich’s bill banning the ban on gay adoptions?

A: I’d have to see the full language on it, but I feel the same way as I have before.

Q: What is that?

A: The way I felt before. You going to come to the (Christmas) tree lighting?

Q: Yes. How about bestiality (also a Nan Rich bill). Should it be banned in Florida?

A: I think it is.

Q: It’s not.

Answer from spokeswoman Erin Isaac: And on that note, we'll see you at the mansion.

--Marc Caputo


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