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Daniel Ruth column: GOP sends in the clowns



Let's suppose for a moment that you are a Republican and in a moment of experiencing a massive brain lapse, you think it might be a peachy idea to run for public office.

Where to begin? What to do?

Judging from the Conservative Political Action Conference held in Orlando last week, the first thing you need to do is get completely crazy. Not just a little bit crazy. Not just the addled Uncle Festus in the attic crazy.

Nosiree, we're talking certifiably Ezra Pound/Zelda Fitzgerald/Col. Kurtz/Norman Bates kind of crazy.

Fortunately, once you check your sanity at the gates of FreedomWorks, you'll have no shortage of role models to emulate.

What better place to start than Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll, who channelled her inner Carrie Nation, accusing the media of engaging in a calculated assault on Christianity by promoting the ideas espoused in The Da Vinci Code and condemning the The Passion of the Christ.

Column here.

[Last modified: Monday, September 26, 2011 6:23pm]


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