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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Dems elect delegates, struggle with staples

Staples One result of the debacle with Florida's so far non-existent Democratic delegates? Huuuge interest in people wanting to become delegates who may or may not get recognized in Denver. A couple hundred activists gathered in Tampa to elect 40 at-large delegates from a candidate field of nearly 400. Being Democrats, they did it with angst and debate over: A)the  merits and means of unstapling ballots and B)more significantly, the party's weighted vote system that basically lets big counties like Broward and Miami-Dade make all the decisions.

"It's not even American!," shouted Volusia County delegate candidate John Mazur, referring to the weighted votes, not the staple conundrum. "It's not right."

Other candidates and party leaders agreed with him, and some of them plan to apply to join a committee to update the state party's laws, which were last written in 2001, Thurman said.


DISTRICT-LEVEL: 121 pledged delegates and 25 alternates elected in Congressional District caucuses on March 1. PLEO (Party Leaders & Elected Official): 24 pledged delegates elected April 5 by the Party's State Executive Committee. AT-LARGE: 40 pledged delegates and six alternates elected today by the Party's State Executive Committee. UNPLEDGED: 26 "superdelegates" comprised of the state's 13 Democratic National Committee Members, 10 Democratic Members of Congress and three "add-ons." Add-ons (CFO Alex Sink, Senate Democratic Leader Steve Geller and House Democratic Leader Dan Gelber) were elected April 5 by the Party's State Executive Committee.

Elected Saturday:

Clinton Delegates: Ms. Ercilia Albistu (Tampa); Commissioner Joe Angelo (Wilton Manors); Ms. Roberta Bonfiglio (Cooper City); Ms. Tania Campusano (North Fort Myers);Ms. Ana Cruz (Tampa); Mr. Eddie Dedmon (Callahan);Commissioner Jean Enright (Riviera Beach);Representative Terry Fields (Jacksonville);Mr. Justin Flippen (Wilton Manors);Mr. Andy Ford (Atlantic Beach);Ms. Matilda Garcia (Tampa);Mayor Pegeen Hanrahan (Gainesville);Mr. James Hart (Boynton Beach)
Senator Arthenia Joyner (Tampa);Mr. Charles Kinker (Titusville);Ambassador Luis Lauredo (Key Biscayne);Mr. Michael Lockwood (Ft. Lauderdale);Ms. Luchy Julia Secaira (Naples);Representative Kelly Skidmore (Boca Raton);Ms. Eleanor Strickland (The Villages);Ms. Patricia Williams (Miramar);Mr. Mike Williams (St. Marks);Ms. Jeanette Wynn (Quincy);Ms. Cindy Hall (Tallahassee). Clinton Alternates: Mr. Charles Bonfiglio, Sr. (Cooper City);Ms. Alma Maria Carter (Gainesville);Mr. Jeff Wright (Tallahassee)
Edwards Alternate ;Ms. Julie Lambakis (Lake Mary)

Obama Delegates: Ms. Marilyn Cappiello (Tampa);Mr. Ed Chambers (Lakeland);Mr. Michael Dames (Miami Gardens); Vice Mayor Joyce Davis (El Portal); Ms. Dayna Firth (Tampa); Ms. Sheila Franklin (Fort Lauderdale); Representative Audrey Gibson (Jacksonville); Ms. Lizzie Jenkins (Archer); Mr. Cyrus Jollivette (Jacksonville); Ms. Judy "JJ" Juliano (Punta Gorda); Ms. Amy Mercado (Orlando); Mr. Rick Minor (Tallahassee); Superintendent Jackie Pons (Tallahassee)
Ms. Wilma Silver (Pompano Beach); Mr. Barry Tillis (Orlando); Ms. Judith Williams (El Portal); Obama Alternates: Ms. Renee Pera (Ft. Lauderdale); Mr. Harvey Goodman (Pompano Beach)

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 10:58am]


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