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FEA warns teachers about Chamber poll on SB6



The Florida Education Association is doing everything possible to stop Senate Bill 6, a measure that would make it easier to fire teachers and base part of their salaries on test scores.

And now it appears they are combating the Florida Chamber of Commerce, which is polling thousands of teachers statewide on the issue. It's clear that some of the questions are leading, and far from scientific, but what's more interesting is the extent to which the FEA is trying to slant the survey. They want teachers to answer certain questions but not others. Read the "action alert" below.

From the FEA Web site (click "Chamber of Commerce survey"):

The Florida Chamber of Commerce, a vocal supporter of the bill, has sent a 'survey' to teachers around the state.  This survey was designed to force a response that will be supportive of SB 6/HB 7189.  We know how these folks operate, and you can be sure they will hold up stacks of survey results to show how the teachers of this state support SB 6 and HB 7189.

If you are interested in completing this survey, please take a moment to go to go to the bottom to submit your comments and thoughts by responding to Question # 8 in the comment area. As you can see, we suggest that you do not answer the following questions:

3. Do you think all teachers with the same number of years in the profession should be paid the same?

4. Would you support annual pay raises for Florida teachers whose students demonstrate learning gains during the year?

5. Would you support annual pay raises for Florida teachers whose students do not demonstrate learning gains during the year?"

These questions are designed to force a "yes" response. This creates a "no win" situation for teachers and ESPs!!


UPDATE: The FEA released its own cafefully worded poll Friday.

600 registered Republicans were asked, "Which is closest to your opinion about the process for evaluating teachers in Florida… a. We should change the system to end annual reviews of teacher performance and allow principals to fire a teacher without providing a reason or offering an appeals process. OR b. We should keep the current system of annual reviews of teacher performance and require principals to provide a reason for firing a teacher and offer them an appeals process."

73 percent picked the latter option.

The FEA called it a victory in a press release: "Republican voters overwhelmingly reject Tallahassee takeover of local public schools."

[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 11:26am]


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