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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

FL poll: McCain 48, Obama 44



InsiderAdvantage 8/11 poll of 418 likely voters has it within the 5 point margin of error: John McCain 48%, Barack Obama 44%, Bob Barr 2%. "Dramatic turns of event could still spell unexpected trouble or prosperity for either candidate, in Florida or elsewhere. But for now, Obama simply isn’t ginning up quite enough support in Florida to turn all eyes to the state as the “tiebreaker” in November....

"Another telling take on this poll, and on those of other major pollsters who have felt the pulse of the electorate this summer across the country: The modest percentage of undecided voters – 5% in our poll – may be an indication that the electorate is polarizing into similar partisan patterns as four and eight years ago. "This may bode ill for Obama. He has carried his standard based on an appeal to voters who in the past have rejected the Democratic presidential candidate, but who supposedly are eager to jump the GOP ship because of disgust with George W. Bush."

They show Obama at 82% with black voters; 33% among whites; 68% among Hispanics; 42% among men; 44% among women; and about 33% among voters over 45.

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 10:07am]


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