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Florida GOP chairman on Crist's Obama endorsement: A 'repugnant display from a self-centered, career politician'



Republican Party of Florida Chairman Lenny Curry offered a swift rebuke to Charlie Crist, whose endorsement of Barack Obama hit the opinion page of at midnight.

"Today we have seen a repugnant display from a self-centered, career politician," Curry said. "While the people of Florida, and thousands of visitors who've traveled here, are facing an emergency, Charlie Crist has demonstrated, yet again, that his political ambition will always come first.

"Beyond the appalling timing of this move, Crist now professes his support for Barack Obama despite spending his entire political career bashing the political agenda that Obama advances. Crist in 2010 said 'I don't agree with the guy on hardly anything he does.'

"Crist, who declared himself a 'pro-life' 'Ronald Reagan Republican,' is on the record opposing the national healthcare mandate of ObamaCare. On another signature issue for Democrats, gay marriage, Charlie Crist 'cheerfully' supported the Christian Coalition's petition calling for an amendment to Florida's Constitution banning gay marriage and civil unions.

"For Crist to pull this Obama stunt while the Florida faces a hurricane only proves Charlie Crist cares about just one thing: Charlie Crist."

Below, are sources Curry cited for his remarks.




NOTE: citations for this statement...


Crist: I Don't Agree with President Obama.  "He also wanted to make it clear that backing Obama on one issue doesn't mean he supports him on everything. "I don't agree with the guy on hardly anything he does," Crist said. "I mean, what they're doing with health care right now is unbelievable."" (Farrington, Brendan, "Fla. Gov. Crist is not sorry he backed stimulus," Associated Press, 1/9/10)


Charlie Crist Called Himself a Reagan Republican. “‘I think Charlie Crist is a conservative and always has been,’ Crist said last week in Panama City. ‘I believe in less taxes, less spending, less government, more freedom. I'm a Reagan Republican.’” (Hollis, Mark, “RIGHT IS MIGHT IN GOP RACE FOR GOVERNOR,” Sun-Sentinel, 7/17/06)


Crist Sent a Letter to a Democrat Congressman Urging Him to Vote Against ObamaCare. “Dear Representative Meek:  Media reports yesterday stated that President Obama has threatened not to campaign and raise money for Democrats who vote “no” on the health care legislation that is currently before Congress.  The President’s threat to snub Democrats who vote against this bill clearly demonstrates his priority of scoring political points rather than working to pass meaningful legislation.  Instead of succumbing to the bullying and strong-arm tactics of your Party’s leader, I urge you to ignore these threats and do what is in the best interest of the people of Florida by voting “no” on this bill.  Floridians deserve quality health care with increased access and lower costs. What Floridians don’t need is the current legislation that increases taxes, raises premiums and cuts Medicare that President Obama, Majority Leader Reid, and Speaker Pelosi are jamming through Congress.  Again, put the people of Florida first – I urge you to vote “no” on the Democrat health care bill.  Sincerely, Charlie Crist.” (


Crist “Cheerfully Signed” the Christian Coalition Petition Calling for a State Constitutional Amendment Banning Gay Marriage and Civil Unions.  “A gushing crowd gathered to see Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist at Miami's Versailles restaurant on Thursday. Members of the local Christian Coalition chapter presented him with a petition calling for a state constitutional amendment to ban gay marriages and civil unions.  Crist cheerfully signed. His office released petitions for the ballot initiative to the state Supreme Court for review on the same day.” (“Crist popular on foe's turf,” St. Petersburg Times, 9/4/05)

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