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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Florida reacts to GOP Senate victory in Mass




Gov. Charlie Crist and U.S. Senate candidate said he called Scott Brown and congratulated him. "Senator-elect Brown’s vote and voice will be critical in helping get America back on the right track. ... American voters once again have spoken their voice at the ballot box in opposition to the Democrat policies coming out of Washington. Scott Brown’s courageous and articulate opposition to the Obama Administration’s government run health care scheme has sent a message that even in America’s most liberal state, voters have rejected the radical Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda."

State Sen. Paula Dockery and gubernatorial candidate: "Scott Brown’s victory in Massachusetts tonight is more than just another shot heard round the world. This GOP victory is a referendum on runaway deficit spending and politicians who turn a deaf ear to taxpayers. Even the people of Massachusetts, one of the most liberal states in the union, have had enough of higher taxes, ever-expanding government and out-of-control spending."

Attorney General Bill McCollum and gubernatorial candidate: “The significance of this election cannot be overstated. Just as we have witnessed with recent gubernatorial victories in Virginia and New Jersey, the American people are growing increasingly frustrated with the expensive and risky big-government policies advocated by President Obama and Democrats in Washington. Tonight’s results are also a clear indication that in these uncertain times – marked by soaring unemployment and growing deficits – voters will not settle for smoke and mirrors and attempts to duck challenging issues. Now is the time to elect strong, principled leadership for our country’s future. "

U.S. Sen. George LeMieux: "Scott Brown's victory demonstrates the average American does not approve of the slew of big government solutions coming out of Washington. This was a referendum on the national Democratic Party's agenda. When voters voted for hope and change, they did not want a partisan, liberal agenda. They wanted a Washington where lawmakers and the president would work together for bipartisan solutions. I congratulate Senator-elect Brown on his victory and encourage urge Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) to seat him as soon as possible. The people of Massachusetts have spoken and they deserve to have their voice heard."

U.S. Senate candidate Marco Rubio: "Scott Brown’s remarkable campaign in the bluest of blue states has reinvigorated those who believe Washington’s endless spending and government growth are incompatible with America’s proven tradition of putting our faith in individuals and entrepreneurs to create jobs and lead us forward. ... Today’s election should compel President Obama, Leader Reid and Speaker Pelosi to reexamine the course they have set for our country, especially with regards to health care. They should pay close attention to what we have witnessed in town halls and voting booths across America, as engaged citizens have spoken in unison against Washington's excesses."

U.S. Rep. Connie Mack of Fort Myers: “Tonight, the people of Massachusetts spoke for all of America when they cast a resounding vote against a government takeover of health care and in support of preserving freedom and individual liberty.  They proved to the nation that the ideas of freedom and free markets – not Big Government and more spending – are the keys to progress and prosperity.  Sadly, this message has fallen on deaf ears for nearly a year.  Maybe tonight the Democratic Leadership will really listen."

U.S. Rep. Vern Buchanan of Sarasota: “This is what happens when you don’t listen to the people and arrogantly push an agenda that is out of touch with the American people,” Buchanan said of Brown's win. “We need to change the way we do business in Washington and include the American people in the critical decisions affecting our country.”

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