“These individuals will be a strong voice for Florida’s retailers and the citizens of our state, and we are proud to endorse them,” said Florida retail Federation Executive Vice " />
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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Florida Retail Federation releases legislative endorsements



“These individuals will be a strong voice for Florida’s retailers and the citizens of our state, and we are proud to endorse them,” said Florida retail Federation Executive Vice President Randy Miller, who leads FRF’s political activities. “Our mission is to promote legislative policies that will have a positive impact on the retail industry, one of Florida’s top job creating industries. Voters can be confident that these candidates will help our state economy grow and create more jobs for the people of Florida.”



SD 1                       Sen. Don Gaetz                                 (R)

SD 3                       Sen. Bill Montford                           (D)

SD 6                       Sen. John Thrasher                         (R)

SD 7                       Rob Bradley                                        (R)

SD 8                       Rep. Dorothy Hukill                         (R)

SD 10                     Sen. David Simmons                       (R)

SD 11                     Sen. Alan Hays                                  (R)

SD 13                     Sen. Andy Gardiner                        (R)

SD 14                     Rep. Darren Soto                             (D)

SD 15                     Rep. Kelli Stargel                              (R)

SD 16                     Sen. Thad Altman                            (R)

SD 17                     Rep. John Legg                                  (R)

SD 18                     Wilton Simpson                                                (R)

SD 20                     Sen. Jack Latvala                               (R)

SD 21                     Rep. Denise Grimsley                     (R)

SD 22                     Rep. Jim Frishe                                  (R)

SD 25                     Rep. Joseph Abruzzo                      (D)

SD 26                     Rep. Bill Galvano                              (R)

SD 27                     Rep. Mack Bernard                         (D)

SD 30                     Sen. Lizbeth Benecquisto             (R)

SD 34                     Sen. Ellyn Bogdanoff                      (R)

SD 39                     Rep. Ron Saunders                          (D)



HD 2                       Rep. Clay Ford                                   (R)

HD 3                       Rep. Doug Broxson                         (R)

HD 5                       Rep. Marti Coley                              (R)

HD 7 primary      A.J. Smith                                            (D)

HD 9                       Rep. Michelle Vasilinda                 (D)

HD 11                    Rep. Janet Adkins                            (R)

HD 12                    Rep. Lake Ray                                    (R)

HD 14                    Rep. Mia Jones                                 (D)

HD 21                    Rep. Keith Perry                               (R)

HD 24                    Travis Hutson                                     (R)

HD 25                    Dave Hood                                          (R)

HD 27                    David Santiago                                  (R)

HD 28                    Rep. Jason Brodeur                         (R)

HD 29                    Rep. Chris Dorworth                       (R)

HD 35                    Rep. Robert Schenck                      (R)

HD 36                    Sen. Mike Fasano                            (R)

HD 37                    Rep. Richard Corcoran                   (R)

HD 39                    Neil Combee                                      (R)

HD 40                    Rep. Seth McKeel                            (R)

HD 41                    Rep. John Wood                               (R)

HD 42                    Rep. Mike Horner                            (R)

HD 47                    Bob Brooks                                         (R)

HD 50                    Rep. Tom Goodson                         (R)

HD 51                    Rep. Steve Crisafulli                        (R)

HD 55                    Cary Pigman                                       (R)

HD 57                    Jake Raburn                                       (R)

HD 58                    Dan Raulerson                                   (R)

HD 63                    Rep. Shawn Harrison                      (R)

HD 65                    Rep. Peter Nehr                               (R)

HD 66                    Rep. Larry Ahern                              (R)

HD 67                    Rep. Ed Hooper                                                (R)

HD 71                    Rep. Jim Boyd                                    (R)

HD 72                    Rep. Ray Pilon                                   (R)

HD 73                    Rep. Greg Steube                            (R)

HD 74                    Rep. Doug Holder                            (R)

HD 77                    Dane Eagle                                          (R)

HD 78                    Heather Fitzenhagen                     (R)

HD 79                    Rep. Matt Caldwell                          (R)

HD 82                    MaryLynn Magar                              (R)

HD 83                    Rep. Gayle Harrell                            (R)

HD 85                    Rep. Pat Rooney, Jr.                       (R)

HD 88                    Bobby Powell                                    (D)

HD 89                    Rep. Bill Hager                                   (R)

HD 93                    George Moraitis                               (R)

HD 103                  Manny Diaz, Jr.                                 (R)

HD 105                  Rep. Carlos Trujillo                           (R)

HD 106                  Rep. Kathleen Passidomo            (R)

HD 107                  Rep. John Patrick Julien                 (D)

HD 110                  Rep. Jose Oliva                                  (R)

HD 114                  Rep. Erik Fresen                               (R)

HD 115                  Rep. Michael Bileca                         (R)

HD 116                  Rep. Ana Rivas Logan                     (R)

HD 118                  Rep. Frank Artiles                            (R)

HD 120                  Holly Merrill Raschein                     (R)

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