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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Florida tea party OK with Rubio snub of tea party caucus



flag_macon_042710.jpgA Florida tea party group says it has no problem with Sen. Marco Rubio skipping out on the tea party caucus.

"Sen. Rubio has been sincere and faithful to the tea party values of fiscal responsibility, constitutional limited government, and free markets," writes Everett Wilkinson, head of the South Florida Tea Party. "Neither Rubio nor any other elected official should feel compelled by the grassroots tea party to join any 'Tea Party Caucus.' The tea party movement is comprised of grassroots, leaderless, bottom up, and decentralized organizations that operate opposite to DC business."

He continued, "Furthermore, SFTP has concerns that the "Tea Party Caucus meeting today was organized by well known DC organizations and political action committees that will use to raise money and interest in their own organizations rather than to help secure public policy consistent with the core values of the tea party movement.

"The tea party sent Senator Rubio to DC to represent We The People, the last thing we need is DC organizations trying to ride on the backs of the tea party. Let these DC organizations raise money and do things under their own organization name."

[Last modified: Thursday, January 27, 2011 8:48pm]


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