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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Florida Veterans for Romney



The Mitt Romney campaign today announced its Florida Veteran for Romney team:

“Veterans and military families across Florida know that America’s Comeback Team of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan will bring good paying jobs to our veteran communities,” said Florida Veterans for Romney chair Rudi Gresham.  “Our leadership team will play a vital role in helping educate veterans about the Romney-Ryan plan to reverse the current administration’s defense cuts, get unemployed veterans back to work, enact positive reforms at the VA, and restore our military after more than ten years of war.”

 Honorary Statewide Chairs 

Doug Burnett, General Florida National Guard (Ret.)

Jim Dozier, Major General, US Army (Ret.) 

Bob Milligan, Lieutenant General USMC (Ret.) 

Kevin Delaney, Rear Admiral US Navy (Ret.) 

Jim Hart, General, USAF (Ret.)

Tim Haake, Major General, USAR (Ret.) 

Statewide Chairs 

Rudi Gresham, Major, US Army Special Forces (Ret.)

& Former Senior Advisor to the VA Secretary 

Chris Hart, Lieutenant Colonel, Infantry, US Army (Ret.); Former At-Large Commissioner of Hillsborough County. 

Tom Bowman, Colonel, USMC (Ret.); Chief of Staff for US Department of Veteran's Affairs 

Statewide Co-Chairs 

Ralph Earrusso, US Army (Ret.); Chairman/Founder of Florida Vietnam & All Veterans Reunion


Dale Doss, Captain US Navy (Ret.); Served as a POW in Vietnam; Former Regional Chair for Veterans for Bush-Cheney


Mike Prendergast, Colonel US Army (Ret.) Executive Director of Florida's Department of Veterans' Affairs


Joe Martory, U.S. Navy (Ret.) Amphibious Forces, 2nd Class Quartermaster; President of the Cuban-American Veterans Association; Chairman State Commission of Veterans Affairs



Regional Co-Chairs


Paul McCreary, Private WWII Vet (1945-1948), U.S. Army Air Force (8th USAF)


George Croy, Captain, US Navy (Ret.)


Al Linden, Executive Director Adjutant/Treasurer Disabled American Veterans


Mike Whitley, Special Operations Command (SOCOM), Washington DC, US Army


Walt Fischer, Major, USMC (Ret.)


Alan Jones, US Army (Ret.), 16 years with Department of Veterans Affairs


George “Nordie” Norwood, Major General, USAF (Ret.)


Sonya March, Captain, USAF (Ret.)


Charlie Sues, Colonel, US Army


Daniel Depagnier, USMC, Vietnam


Felix Rodriguez, US Navy SEAL


George Cadman, III, Colonel, USMC



Veterans for Romney Coalition Members


Jim Bryant

Warren Brookhart

Bill Fitzgerald

Ernest Beeman

Don Wasseman

George Reeves

Thomas Vaughn

Ed Mirtani

Buck Burney

Craig Clayton

Dick Aquino

Dan Hughes

Douglas Korinke

Ina Marie Korinke

Donald Samules

Ken Fagan

Billy Waugh

Ray Calafell

Charles Tadlock

Gary James

Tom Sanson

Robert Hoff

George Miller

Rick Tooma

Noel “Norman” Mears

Fred Hienrich

Rich Donoghue

Steve Solomon

Dennis Morgan

James “Doc” Harrell

Jim McCarthy

Ken Bell

Joe Purka

Steve Czonstka

Dennis Freytes

Andrea Plescia

Frank Corona

Charles “Chuck”Jenkins

Dottie Myers

Earl Ballengee

Jon Crawford

Darlene Harvey

Bill Suber

Jim Weinberg

John Mangan

William Korach

Phil Longo

Fred Coenen

Rich Cole

William Stout

Trentham Well

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