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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

George LeMieux's Jim Greer problem; Hasner says LeMieux knew of illegal activity



First came this release from the Adam Hasner campaign:

St. Petersburg Times Bombshell - LeMieux Knew
~Emails Obtained By The St. Petersburg Times Reveal George LeMieux Knew Of Jim Greer's Illegal Behavior And Did Nothing To Stop It~

"Greer, according to internal Crist campaign e-mails exclusively obtained by the St. Petersburg Times, quickly jumped into action. The state party chairman, though restricted under federal campaign finance laws from mingling state party resources with a federal campaign, assumed the role of de facto Crist campaign manager, the e-mails suggest.
"The next day Greer e-mailed advisers including Eikenberg, Stevens, Bainwol and LeMieux (then a private practice attorney) that he had hired an opposition researcher, presumably to dig up information about Rubio.

"In the coming months, even after Eikenberg moved from the governor's office to lead Crist's Senate campaign and state GOP leaders had rebuked Greer for taking sides in the Crist-Rubio primary, Greer was e-mailing campaign consultants and advisers about plans for polling and TV ads. He wrote the script for Crist's debut radio ads touting the governor's conservative credentials and opposition to President Barack Obama's agenda.
"Last week, Crist offered no regrets for plucking Greer out of obscurity and making him state party chairman.

'You make the best judgment that you can at the time,' he said. 'And any chief executive you try to recommend - which I did, in this case, not select - people that you think can do a good job. At the time, back to George (LeMieux), he was very instrumental in making that recommendation. I thought it was a good one, so I did recommend (Greer) to the committee. They made the decision to elect, not me.'"

Excerpts From:
Jim Greer Trial May Expose Florida Republican Party's Inner Workings
Adam C. Smith And Michael C. Bender
St. Petersburg Times


Then came this from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee:

Charlie Crist Gives George LeMieux A Big Bear Hug: “George… Was Very Instrumental” In Recommending Greer To Run The Republican Party of Florida

New Report Even Shows LeMieux And Greer Worked Hand-In-Hand To Take Down Marco Rubio To Pave Way For Crist’s Senate Campaign

Crist’s Comments Come Just Days After Greer Alleged LeMieux Was Aware of RPOF Fraud and Highlighted LeMieux’s $150,000 Own Little-Known RPOF Contract

Just days after indicted former Republican Party Of Florida Chairman Jim Greer implicated Senate candidate George LeMieux as the mastermind behind the ongoing Republican Party of Florida (RPOF) fraud case, Lemieux’s old boss and political mentor Charlie Crist reiterated to reporters this weekend that LeMieux “was very instrumental” in recommending Greer to run to the RPOF in the first place.  The report even shows that Greer and LeMieux schemed  to take down then-Senate candidate and tea party darling Marco Rubio to pave the way for a Crist Senate run.

“With friends like Republican turncoat Charlie Crist and the indicted Jim Greer, George LeMieux doesn’t need enemies,” said Matt Canter, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee.  “It was just a few months ago that Charlie Crist, Jim Greer and George LeMieux were plotting to take down then-Senate candidate Marco Rubio. Now Charlie Crist is persona non grata in the Republican party and he’s giving his most trusted advisor George LeMieux a big bear hug in the RPOF fraud case. As the RPOF trial nears, George LeMieux simply won’t be able to escape his deep ties to Crist, Greer and the RPOF fraud mess.”

In a jaw-dropping weekend interview with the St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald, Charlie Crist laid the blame for the RPOF scandal at the feet of George LeMieux, his top political advisor, saying it was LeMieux who helped make Greer the top official at the RPOF.

“You make the best judgment that you can at the time,” Crist told the St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald. “And any chief executive, you try to recommend — which I did in this case, not select — people that you think can do a good job. At the time, back to George [LeMieux], he was very instrumental in making that recommendation. I thought it was a good one so I did recommend [Greer] to the committee.”

The St. Petersburg Times/Miami Herald report even shows that LeMieux worked closely with Greer and Crist’s top political advisors to take down then Senate candidate Marco Rubio to clear the way for Crist in last year’s Senate election.

These new details of LeMieux’s work with the RPOF highlight LeMieux’s deep ties to Crist and Greer.

LeMieux served as Crist’s top political advisor for years and even had his own little-known contract with the RPOF worth $150,000 inked by Greer himself.  Just last week, Greer even said that it was LeMieux’s idea to start the shadowy fundraising scheme that is now the center of the RPOF fraud case.

When the governor appointed LeMieux to the U.S. Senate, LeMieux branded himself as a ‘Charlie Crist Republican.’ Just a few months later, Crist abandoned the Republican Party and spent his entire Senate campaign saying the party had become too extreme.

The LeMieux campaign has not responded to a request for comment.


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