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Gov. Bush: Disgusted



Gov. Jeb Bush spoke for the first time Tuesday on the Mark Foley matter, calling it "disgusting" and calling it "even worst" than the charges against former Congressman Duke Cunningham when asked about "what is happening in Washington."


"There’s a guy with a $1000s in his freezer. Duke Cunningham in just an unbelieveable fashion showed abject disrespect for the office he held and Mark Foley even worst... I don’t know what it is. It’s disgusting, is what it is."

The governor said he had no hint about Foley's issues: "Mark Foley was a hardworking guy who was very energetic and an unbelieveable candidate, he was very enthusiastic. I didn’t have any inkling that he had these issues."

Had Foley won his short-lived bid for the U.S. Senate, "Imagine what would have happened if that taken place? My God."

Bush rejected it would hurt Republicans in November. "This is not a partisan issue. I could give you a long list of Democrats including a congressman, a sitting congressman, who had sex with an intern not just ugly, nasty, disgusting emails, who stayed in his position.

"So ..whenever something like this happenes it's hurtful for people in public life who are serving as best we can and then have people like this who break the trust. It angers me and it has nothing to do with Republican or Democrat, it's just wrong."

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:49pm]


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