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Gov. Scott: Bobby Jindal would be a 'great' VP



scott-carnival.jpgScribbles in my notebook after Gov. Rick Scott's appearance today on WNRP-AM, a conservative talk radio station in Pensacola.

1.) Asked about the Republican presidential race so far, Scott said, "I think it's outstanding the way this is going."

The show's host, Rob Williams, argued that the scrambled primary calendar could "drag out" the race until mid-summer instead of ending in March. But Scott, who spent more than $70 million of his own cash in the gubernatorial race and generally eschewed debating his political opponents, said he preferred a longer primary race.

"You shouldn't have to go spend a whole bunch of money on advertising to get your message out," Scott said. "By having all these debates and things, it doesn't matter how much money you've raised. You're getting your message out."


2.) Scott also supported the idea of Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for a vice presidential candidate.

Asked about the prospects of Jindal-for-VP, Scott did not mention U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, his fellow Florida Republican who has been in the seemingly ever conversation on the topic. (Rubio has repeatedly said he's not interested in the job.)

Instead, Scott said he attended the LSU-UF football game with Jindal in Baton Rouge on Oct. 8 and came away impressed.

"He's well-liked. He's a nice person to deal with. He clearly cares about people. He's willing to make tough choices," Scott said. "So I think he would make a great vice president."

3.) Williams asked Scott about why he didn't attend the tea party's state convention over the weekend. Williams offered Scott an out, noting that the governor was reviewing the budget all day on Sunday, the third and final day of the convention.

But Scott didn't offer the budget as an excuse. "I wasn't able to do that," Scott said of the convention. "It was never on my calendar, so..."

"OK," Williams said. "I gotcha."

4.) On Saturday, Scott had no public events on his schedule. On Friday, the day the convention started, Scott spent seven hours at a "Let's Get to Work Day," which included time on a Carnival Cruise Line ship in the Port of Miami, pictured above. And below.


5.) Scott mentioned the work day clearly had fun.

"Did you see me dancing on the carnival cruise line?" Scott asked Williams.

"Ah, I did not see that," Williams said.

"Oh, you missed it," Scott said. "I'm an unbelievable dancer as you would expect."

"It wouldn't surprise me at all," Williams said.

Scott laughs. "Don't worry. It's not true."

6.) Scott's sarcastic sense of humor was in full display on the radio program. Perhaps it was because he didn't get enough sleep: Scott told Williams he awoke at 4:15 a.m. today.

"It was pretty easy because the time change," Scott said. "And I went to bed early last night."

7.) Williams asked Scott about Solantic moving it's corporate headquarters. Scott's press office disputed that story last week, but Scott did not when asked about it today.

"That was a surprise," Scott said, noting that the new CEO lives in Nashville and that "a lot of times the company moves to where the CEO wants to live."

8.) Williams suggested that fiscal concerns should outweigh social issues this year when it comes to prayer in schools. A bill (SB 98) that would allowing praying in public schools passed a Senate committee last week, while a spat in Clay County between the school board and a local Baptist pastor has been getting some national headlines.

Williams said the state would waste time and money trying to defend the bill in court.

"It's too bad we can't have, don't have prayer in schools," Scott said, noting he had not seen the bill. "I mean, we did when I was in school back years ago."

9.) Scott punted a question about Sen. Mike Fasano's bill (SB 836) that would ban television blackouts for sports teams that take public money. Instead, Scott said taxes should be "fair" and talked about his push to give more tax breaks to businesses.

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