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Grading the prez candidates' fashion w Tallahassee clothier



Tallahassee clothier Arron Gober,  personal to three of Florida’s last four governors and two United States senators, has set up a Web site,, for people who want to vote on the snappiest dressers among the main presidential and vice presidential candidates.

Here's his own assessment:

President Obama:

Business Professional:  “Very well dressed, nicely tailored. He tends toward an American custom-made suit and it shows. Perfect sleeve length showing just a hint of shirt cuff, side-vented suit jackets that slenderize a well-formed physique, nice break on the flat front slacks. Black lace-up shoes are perfectly coordinated for this nattily attired President. One quick note to the First Lady:  Mrs. Obama, please please PLEASE use your outstanding taste in color to purchase your husband some neckwear. As with all the candidates, his ties look way too traditional and boring!”
Campaign Casual: “He seems to think ‘casual’ means just take off your suit coat and roll up your sleeves. He needs work in his casual appearance, as do most men. I would prefer to see him in an updated gingham checked shirt, or perhaps the American classic look of navy blazer with traditional dress khakis.”
Governor Romney:
Business Professional:  “A man who has been in the boardroom as much as Mr. Romney absolutely knows how to wear a suit. Impeccably tailored two-button look, with functional buttons on the sleeves, and spot-on coloring. A touch of shirtsleeve cuff would be appropriate. With his crisp white modified spread collar and light blue tie, you simply won’t out-dress this custom-tailored gentleman. He’s been in every board room in America, and he looks and dresses like it.”
Campaign Casual:  “His casual outfits are appropriate, khaki pants and well-tailored checked shirts. When he resorts to the ‘rolled-up-sleeve’ look with dress shirts, he doesn’t convey the same sense of well-worn comfort clothes.  Even when he dressed down, Governor Romney looks more suited to the board room than the play room. And stay away from the mom jeans!”
As for running mates, Gober says Vice President Biden comes out well ahead of Congressman Ryan. Biden benefits from his 30-plus years in the Land of the Peacocks (Washington), while at first Ryan needed – and apparently received – a fashion intervention. Ryan appears to dress “off the rack,” Gober says, and in the earliest days of his vice presidential campaign his clothes seemed to hang off his youthful frame. His garments now fit better and show off his well-documented athleticism, so Ryan is less a style drain on the GOP ticket than he used to be.
Historians note that few people base their presidential votes on the running mates, so the real contest is between President Obama and Governor Romney. And when it comes to their clothing style, Gober says, American voters really can’t go wrong.
“I can’t predict how the election is going to turn out,” Gober says, “but either way we’re going to have a well-dressed President.”

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