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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Group holds up Marco Rubio as reason why Karl Rove should not meddle in GOP primaries



Karl Rove's new project seeking to counter tea party influence in GOP primaries is stirring controversy from the right. FreedomWorks, the group that has helped organize the tea party, blasted the Conservative Victory Project in a statement today:

“Imagine a Republican Party without the leadership, energy and principled ideas coming from Senators like Rand Paul, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, Pat Toomey and Mike Lee, because that is what you would get from a lack of real primary race competition now being proposed by Karl Rove. The choice is simple: should voters choose who represents them in Washington, DC, or should political insiders make the decision behind closed doors?”

“We believe that good ideas, compelling candidates, and open competition are the only way to rehabilitate the GOP, and the diverse group of compelling young leaders our grassroots community has helped bring to Congress speaks for itself.”

 “The Empire is striking back.  A clear pattern has emerged, beginning with the GOP leadership’s efforts to silence delegates on the floor of the RNC, continuing with House Leadership's purge of fiscally conservative congressmen from their committee positions for voting out of line with the GOP establishment. Now, an Orwellian-named ‘Conservative Victory Project’ is created with the sole operating mission of blocking the efforts of fiscally conservative activists across the country.”

“All events point to a fundamental clash between the old guard Republican establishment, dictating outdated ideas from the top-down, versus a tech-savvy younger generation of activists driving their agenda from the bottom-up. These blatant acts of hostility are typical behavior of an entrenched political establishment, circling the wagons around incumbents, regardless of job performance in office.”

“The genie is out of the bottle, and politics is permanently more decentralized, more democratic. The future of the GOP are the millions of principled-driven activists who are building a community centered around a set of shared values, and taking their government back at all levels, from the ground up. We are repopulating the GOP, and that process continues unabated.”


[Last modified: Monday, February 4, 2013 5:02pm]


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