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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Howard Dean on counting FL's votes



DNC Chairman Howard Dean responded to NAACP head Julian Bond's call to seat the FL and MI delegations by, well, saying pretty much nothing. See below. Looks like the DNC and FDP strategy/plan is to cross their fingers that a nominee emerges soon.

February 15, 2008
Mr. Julian Bond
4805 Mt. Hope Drive
Baltimore, MD 21215-3297
Dear Julian:
Thank you for your letter regarding the current situation with Michigan and Florida. I appreciate
your writing to me to express your concerns. We share a strong dedication to fighting for equal
rights for every American.
As you might imagine, I have heard from many people who share your opinion and from many
others who take a different position. This is not surprising as two outstanding candidates are in
the midst of a highly competitive race for the democratic nomination.
While it seems that this election season has already been the longest in history, 18 states have yet
to hold their primary elections and over 1,000 pledged delegates have yet to be selected. Put
another way; some 33 percent of voters have yet to have their voices heard. I look forward to
hearing what they have to say.
Over 18 months ago, after a long, transparent, thoughtful and inclusive process, our party
adopted a system for selecting delegates to the convention. That process was guided by a
concern for the best interests of our Party and ensuring that we produce the strongest nominee
possible, reflective of the values and ideals of our Party. Moving forward, we intend to continue
operating in a transparent, thoughtful, and inclusive manner with three key goals: first, to keep
our Party united; second, to ensure a fair process so that; third, we can defeat John McCain.
In every primary and caucus that has occurred thus far, we’ve seen record turnouts and
tremendous enthusiasm in support of our Democratic candidates, our Party and our values. It is
manifestly clear that these voters are committed to putting a Democrat in the White House. I
share that commitment.
Our nominee must have the united support of a strong Democratic Party that's ready to fight and ready to win. After seven years of Republican rule, it’s time to restore America’s greatness and put a Democrat in the White House. Every single day between now and election day, our united goal must be to ensure that we win in November and elect a Democratic president.
I deeply appreciate your concern and our strong alliance over the years in the fight for equal justice under the law.
Governor Howard Dean, MD

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