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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Immigration enforcement group rips Rubio over Dream Act alternative



Sen. Marco Rubio's Dream Act alternative, which would provide legal status but a path to citizenship for some undocumented youth, has drawn sharp complaints from the left. Less known is the heat he's generating from the right.

NumbersUSA, a group that advocates for tough laws against illegal immigration, has started a letter campaign aimed at Rubio and his fellow Republican senators warning them not to proceed.

"Fellow Republicans value law and order and I'm sure you understand this. Why, then, are you planning to introduce a DREAM Act amnesty with? Aren't there enough unemployed Americans for your liking?" reads a letter obtained by the Buzz. "Your fellow Republicans will make our voices heard if you support or propose any piece of amnesty or "legalization" legislation (just as we did in 2007). The majority of Republicans, and the majority of Americans, oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens and you should not be supporting one, let alone proposing one."

Another letter reads: "I was dismayed to learn that you working on a DREAM Act amnesty. Please stop working on it because the votes the Republican Party gains will not be worth the jobs American workers lose. I understand that many of the illegal aliens you are trying to amnesty have compelling cases.  But an amnesty for them would be a great injustice to unemployed Americans unless it includes an end to all chain migration for future immigrant workers and a full implementation of a mandatory national E-Verify system to keep parents from getting jobs and raising their children illegally in this country in the future."

Some letters target other Republican senators: "I see Sen. Rubio really meant it when he said he wasn't interested in the VP slot. Republicans will never be energized by a pro-amnesty VP candidate. Please tell him to drop his plans to introduce the DREAM Act amnesty! ... Please talk to Sen. Rubio and tell him that his amnesty plans are nonsense and can only harm Republicans this November."

Rubio's proposal, which has not yet been made public, has also been praised by some conservatives.

Wrote Matt Lewis of the Daily Caller: "It seems absurd for a society to deport otherwise law-abiding young people who want to go to college. It seems especially dumb to deport able-bodied men and women who want to help fight our wars. And the notion that young people should be sent back home seems to be a deal-breaker (were I one of these kids, I would assume that I would never be allowed to return — regardless of what the bureaucrats promised me.)"

Rubio countered some of the criticism earlier this week. Read that here.

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