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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Jeff Greene smacks Marco Rubio, Charlie Crist



Apologies for being late post something about Democratic senate candidate Jeff Greene's first campaign stop in Tampa Bay yesterday. He met privately with assorted politicos, taped some TV interviews and stopped by the Jordan Park gym in St Pete, to visit an after-school program serving mostly African-American children. His chauffeur drove up in a shiny cadillac, and Greene cheerfully pressed the flesh with nearly two dozen people.

Interesting to see controversial blogger/political operative Peter Schorsch halting the questions on Greene's behalf, though Schorsch says he's a full-time blogger not working for Greene. Some Greene snippets:

On the tea party movement:"I sort of understand where they're coming from in that they're angry and frustrated like everyone else. I think their solution is all wrong. I mean they want to get government out of our lives. Would they like to shut down the government regulating the oil rigs? I think you've got too little regulation of oil rigs. Government plays a very important role in our lives. Marco Rubio wants to go to Washington and immediately repeal the health care bill. It's insane. They'll tell 32-million people sorry you don't have health care after all? Should we tell people with preexisting conditions please leave the hospital, you're not covered any more? And should we tell the elderly people who have that donut hole that they only get medicine up to a certain level...Do we tell those people oh sorry, I guess you can't have that medicine after all. I'm glad that health care bill was passed."

On his self-funding and the need for campaign finance reform: "Look at Charlie Crist as an example as governor. He's basically spent all his time as governor traveling around the country raising money for his campaign for senate. Well no wonder he doesn't notice that there's oil rigs run by companies like BP right off the coast. He's not sitting at his desk, doing his work....Washington to me is just a cell pool of special interest corruption and bribery.

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