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Jon Huntsman on Rick Scott, Iowa, debt ceiling

During Jon Huntsman's tour of Tampa Bay today, here's some of his additional thoughts on various topics.

On Florida Gov. Rick Scott performance and effects on Republican candidates?

"Rick Scott is doing a lot of important work. I think his numbers will rise and fall on his success. I have every confidence that the work that he doing is going to result in a successful governship for him," Huntsman said. 

"He’s making the hard choices. This country needs to make the hard choices too. So he may be a head in the game a little bit.

On the debate over the federal debt ceiling:

“I think everybody agrees that it’s a big deal to get serious with the debt ceiling. And I have every confidence that cooler heads will prevail and by our deadline. It is my hope that we’ll have cuts commensurate with the raising of the debt and some serious steps toward a balanced budget amendment. … There seems to be a deal in the works," Huntsman said.

On downplaying the Iowa caucuses:

"You’ve got limited dollars you can deploy. You’ve got limited ground troops you can put in place and for us you want to make sure maximize that return on investment. And we’re able to maximize it in New Hampshire, in South Carolina and right here in Florida, where I think this race is going to be decided.

"It would reflect probably the reality that if you’re not in favor of ethanol subsidies, if you don’t have some sort of geographic advantage that some people have, your prospects may be discounted a little bit. I want a level playing field."

 On the value of high speed rail

"First and foremost we’ve got to create a competitive environment for growth. I’m not sure you’re going to grow your way to prosperity by high speed rail projects. You’re going to grow your way to prosperity through tax reform, through regulatoray reform and through steps toward energy independence," Huntsman said.






[Last modified: Saturday, July 9, 2011 7:05pm]


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