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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Karen Thurman swipes at Crist



We overlooked this Netroots Q and A with Karen Thurman the other day, where she makes no apologies for her side gig lobbying alongside Al Cardenas and takes a gentle jab at Charlie Crist: "The Governor really hasn’t extended himself as much as the media has made it seem. He supported stem cell research, but not the most promising embryonic stem cell research. He supported insurance reform, but didn’t propose a plan to make it happen. He held a climate summit, but used executive orders to make change instead of forcing the Legislature to get to work on this pressing issue...."

"...But, when we look back at the past six months, we see that all of the Governor’s major initiatives have long been supported by Florida Democrats. Now, is that a challenge for us? I think it’s great for us – and the people of Florida. The question for the Governor may be will his right-wing support him when he has to make a tough decision or when he runs for reelection? Speaker Rubio slammed Crist twice on two different issues in the past week so we may see a fracturing of the GOP, which could help Democrats in future elections. "

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 12:55pm]


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