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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Kendrick Meek's first radio ad goes after Charlie Crist, the 'Jeb Bush Republican'



Kendrick Meek uses Charlie Crist's words against him in this first radio ad of the general election. Listen here / script below.

Kendrick Meek:? I'm Kendrick Meek, candidate for Senate, and I approve this message.

Announcer: ?Home is where the heart is.? And for Charlie Crist, home is with the GOP.

Gov. Crist:? I'm a Jeb Bush Republican. ?I was impressed at Gov. Palin being picked.? I watched her speech today. I was very impressed.? John McCain was a great candidate, a dear friend. ?President Bush is a leader of courage and conviction.

Announcer:? And Crist on the issues.

Gov. Crist:? I'm about as conservative as you can get.? The facts are perfectly clear: I'm proud of my pro-life record.

Announcer:? And Crist on offshore oil drilling.

Gov. Crist:? I think it's something we ought to explore.

Announcer:? Now Charlie Crist is running for Senate as an independent?. While he still supports extending the Bush tax cuts for the wealthy. ?Don't be fooled. If Charlie Crist gets to Washington, his heart will lead him right back where he belongs.

Gov. Crist: ?I think it's important for people to understand who the real conservative is in this race. And it's Charlie Crist.

Announcer: ?Paid for by Kendrick Meek for Florida.


[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 10:26am]


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