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Kirk Wagar is ticked off



Uber fundraiser Kirk Wagar's morning-after thoughts:

Subject: Let the games begin

Well that hurt a bit, huh? 

How do you feel this morning?  I’m pretty ticked off, if you want to know the truth, and not for the reasons you may think.  I feel like I let President Obama down.  While I wrote some checks that hurt, did I work like I did in 2007 and 2008?  Nope.  Would another million bucks into the Florida Democratic Party have changed the election where for the first time since early voting came into existence, Democrats lost the early vote?  I don’t mean lost by a little either … Rick Scott headed into election day with a 300,000 head start and Alex lost by less than 50,000 votes.  Dammit!

The electorate yesterday were A LOT older, richer and whiter than pretty much everyone receiving this email.  In fact, 78% of the electorate was white.  Now it may seem odd that someone who looks like me thinks this is a problem however I came to this country because of its genius as a country for everyone, whether you came from a Kenyan father and a woman from Kansas who was on food stamps at various points in her life and become President or Mayflower descendants.  2008 reaffirmed the worlds faith in America and it is up to all of us to double down and spend the next 2 years pushing with everything we can to preserve the promise of America.

How can a country that approves of Democrats and their policies by a 49 – 44 margin get the folks we got last night?  Apathy.  And we promised President Obama that we would be there and have his back through it all.  DAMMIT.

But in the numbers is a clear and fairly easy path.  Alex Sink almost beat the headwind against close to 100 million dollars with lousy Democratic base turnout.  This WILL NOT HAPPEN in 2012.  Barack Obama will WIN FLORIDA in 2012.

Ted Strickland lost narrowly in Ohio despite having a blowout in the Senate race.  2012 has extremely popular Sherrod Brown up for reelection. This WILL NOT HAPPEN in 2012.  Barack Obama will WIN Ohio in 2012.

Joe Sestak came within a hair of winning PA after a fractious primary and a huge drag on him in the Governor’s race.  This WILL NOT HAPPEN in 2012.  Barack Obama will WIN Pennsylvania in 2012.

Michael Bennet and Harry Reid both won races they were not supposed to in important Presidential states.  The list goes on and on.

It’s time to fight.  It’s time to get the word out, starting today, about what has been accomplished and let everybody you know about the insanity that will undoubtedly come out of the newly elected Tea Partiers.  Michelle Bachman wants to be in the House republican Leadership … these folks make Newt Gingrich look lucid and caring.

AND don’t forget the Republican primary for President starts today.  I will do everything I can to get you the information and you MUST forward, discuss and illuminate everyone you know.

If we do what we need to do, exactly 2 years from today, we will have taken back most if not all of the seats we lost yesterday, reelect Barack Obama for his second term AND HE WILL HAVE A TON OF POLITICAL CAPITAL to finish the job of structurally protecting the middle class and ensuring a fairer and more just America.

Are you with me?  It’s time to expose these pinheads as the shills of Dick Armey and corporate America and let the world know that America is the shining city on the hill for ALL AMERICANS.


Let’s do this.

Kirk Wagar

Florida Finance Chair

Democratic National Committee


[Last modified: Wednesday, November 3, 2010 5:45pm]


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