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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

LeMieux welcomes Mack into race and takes a whack at his record



George LeMieux on the entrance of Connie Mack in the GOP U.S. Senate primary.

“Connie is a friend. His father was an outstanding US Senator for whom I have great respect. I welcome Congressman Mack to the race and look forward to detailed debates on the issues and our records. This race is about the critical challenges facing our country, our economy, and Washington’s disastrous fiscal policies. It is essential that Florida Republicans choose a nominee in 2012 with a record that stands in stark contrast to that of liberal incumbent Bill Nelson.

“While Congressman Mack has done some good things in Washington, he will have to explain to Floridians why he voted to raise his own pay several times, why he joined Bill Nelson in voting for a Highway Bill that contained 6,376 earmarks, including the infamous Bridge to Nowhere, and why he specifically rejected efforts to eliminate wasteful earmarks like an aquarium in Connecticut and tourism funding in Kentucky.  Florida Republicans are in for a really good debate as we choose our nominee against Bill Nelson."

LeMieux's record on earmarks is not as clean as he suggests. Background here from PolitiFact.

The release goes on to compare votes:

Mack voted for billions of dollars in earmarks and against removing funding for individual earmarks. (Vote #453, 7/29/05, Vote #298, 6/20/06, Vote #338, 6/28/06, Vote #312, 6/24/05)
Mack voted three times to increase his own pay. (Vote #327, 6/28/05, Vote #261, 6/13/06, Vote #580, 6/27/07)

LeMieux voted twice against raising the debt ceiling. (Vote #397, 12/24/09, Vote #14, 1/28/10) 
LeMieux voted to ban all earmarks. (Vote #225, 11/30/10, Vote #50, 3/16/10)
LeMieux opposed, or voted to kill, 12,715 earmarks. (Vote #374, 12/13/09, Vote #318, 10/8/09, Vote #331, 10/29/09)

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