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Lots of Hurdles For Posey's PIP Offering



Sen. Bill Posey has been working away on a response to the House's offer by its Majority Party to keep the no-fault auto insurance system set to disappear on Oct. 1.

However, Posey's draft legislation is pretty darn similar to the one he authored during the Spring session, which got hijacked by Senators Dennis Jones and J.D. Alexander, the moment it left Posey's committee.

Posey doesn't have any co-sponsors for the current proposal, but he says he hasn't seriously started shopping it around the Senate, because he first wanted to see if it would have a shot in the House.

"I wanted to find out if we would have an appetite for this legislation in the House," Posey said. "And I think we do. With everybody except the guy that sets the agenda."

Like the House draft legislation, the Senate would also require clinics to be owned by licensed physicians. And the draft bill would allow insurers an extra 15 days to pay claims, an effort to give them more time to investigate fraud.

But the controversial language is the fee schedule. Posey wants rates for medical services capped at 200 percent of what Medicare pays. This is exactly what got stripped out of Posey's last bill, but it's also the part that he feels most strongly about.

"The key here is, the Legislature has adopted every single one of the series of recommendations from the statewide grand jury report on fraud, except one," said Posey, referring to the suggested fee schedule, which faces opposition from most of the medical industry.

The House draft legislation doesn't include a fee schedule, and it caps attorneys fees, which would be difficult to pass in the Senate.

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 1:01pm]


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