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Is Marco Rubio cleverly making the argument why he should be VP?



Watching Sen. Marco Rubio's appearance on Hannity for a second time, it occurred to me that maybe, just maybe, Rubio is making the argument why he should be on the presidential ticket. Let's have some fun here ...

Fast forward to where Hannity, incredulously, asks Rubio to explain why he said earlier today that Florida is a toss-up state.

"First of all, Florida voters when it gets down to elections, it always narrows. That's just the way it plays out," Rubio replies. "Secondly, I think the president is going to raise more money than anybody before and he's going to spend a lot of that in Florida to try to win the election ... Yes, if you look at the president's job performance, he's made everything worse ... But he's going to raise more money than any candidate in the history of this country and he's going to spend it -- these guys, they know how to run campaigns -- they're going to spend a lot of it in Florida. So it's going to make a competitive state more competitive than it should be based on his record. And we need to be cautious of that, and wary of that ..."

Cautious and wary enough to pick a popular Florida lawmaker who a recent poll showed would help the Republican nominee win the state?

Hannity also couldn't understand why Rubio would say the GOP should tone down its rhetoric on immigration.

Rubio carefully says he is not talking about presidential candidates -- the source of a lot of the recent rhetoric -- but adds that sometimes anger comes through in the discussion and blames the media for amplifying that sentiment.

Through it all, Hannity shows Rubio love, asking him if he would be VP and applying a bit of puffery to the senator's jobs plan. Though Rubio conceded the proposal is modest, Hannity several times called it "bold."

[Last modified: Wednesday, November 16, 2011 12:32am]


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