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Marco Rubio: Don't trust Charlie Crist



TO: RPOF State Executive Committee Members
FROM:    Pat Shortridge, Senior Advisor
SUBJECT: Governor Crist's Stimulus Message
DATE:    Monday, 1/11/2010

This past Saturday, in his remarks to you at the RPOF Meeting in Orlando, Governor Crist reiterated his unapologetic support for the stimulus.  As the News Service of Florida reported:
Crist on Saturday continued to bash Obama — but embraced the federal handout.  “I don’t apologize for taking the stimulus money,” Crist told several hundred Republicans gathered for the party’s annual meeting in Orlando. “It was important for Florida to get its fair share.”
However, as Governor Crist continues defending his support of the stimulus, it’s important that you consider the following:
Governor Crist told you he would not apologize for accepting the stimulus, as if his joining Governors Rick Perry, Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Haley Barbour in doing so was the issue.  The truth is no one has asked him to apologize for accepting the stimulus money.  Where he was wrong, and where an apology seems appropriate, was in endorsing, campaigning and lobbying for the failed Obama stimulus and even saying he would have voted for it had he been in the U.S. Senate at the time.

The Governor’s mistake was to accept $787 billion of big government deficit spending as sound economic policy at a time when Republicans were trying to rally support for a fiscally responsible, job-creating alternative.  As one prominent Republican said at the time, “There's a difference between working in a bipartisan way for the common good and switching sides and putting on the other team's jersey.  At the one moment when we've finally found our voice and remember who we are as Republicans, Charlie Crist forgets. It's stunning.”

In the end, only three Republicans in the entire Congress (one of which has since switched to the Democrat Party) voted in favor of the stimulus.  If he had been in the Senate at the time, Governor Crist would have been the fourth.  Is that what your children and grandchildren - the very people who will be footing the bill for all this wasteful spending - deserve?
For a reminder of the Governor’s full-throated efforts on behalf of President Obama's stimulus, I would refer you to the following video:


In the end, Democrats would love nothing more than to have Charlie Crist, Barack Obama's favorite Republican governor, in the U.S. Senate because it would destroy the credibility of Republicans opposing tax hikes and massive new expansions of government spending.  It would give Democrats a new potential ally to provide the veneer of bi-partisanship on countless other prongs of their agenda.
This election provides a clear choice between Governor Crist, who puts his faith in bigger government to create jobs, versus Marco Rubio, who believes small businesses and entrepreneurs are the only real engines of job creation.  Bottom line: You know you can trust Marco Rubio to go Washington and stand up to the Obama-Reid-Pelosi agenda and offer a clear alternative.  Can you really say the same of Governor Crist?

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