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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Marco Rubio: 'Obama doesn't believe in free enterprise'



ruborl.Before Obama's campaign event in Winter Park today, Marco Rubio rallied an enthusiastic crowd of Republicans in nearby Orlando. He cast the election as a simple choice.

"Mitt Romney understands free enterprise, he has worked in it. He has seen companies succeed and he has seen them fail, too. He knows what people think about when they invest their money," Rubio said. "Barack Obama doesn't believe in free enterprise. He's never going to admit it. For instance, he's never going to come straight out and say, 'If you own a business you didn't build it.' Alright, maybe he will."

Rubio did offer some praise for the president. Obama appears to be a good family man, he said. And an excellent golfer.

"He's so dedicated to his gold game that he will go and play golf even if it means he cant meet with his Jobs Council," he said.

Obama can't run on his record, Rubio said, so instead he will try to destroy Mitt Romney and divide the country.

"Unlike any figure in American politics he has divided us against each other deliberately because it's the only way he thinks that he can win. It's gone from hope and change to divide and conquer," Rubio said. "I can't think of a figure in modern American history who had more good will than this one, and he's walked away from all of it. Today he's just another politician in Washington D.C. with the same old divisive class warfare of the past."




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