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Now Sid Dinerstein faces anonymous attacks



So much for Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment:

From: bocagop <>
Date: Wed, Jan 12, 2011 at 2:49 PM
Subject: A Vote for Dinerstein will put the final nail in the RPOF Coffin

--- Much has been said over the past few weeks regarding the front runners of the RPOF Chairman’s race. All but one candidate has been negatively attacked through “anonymous” mailers. That lone candidate is Sid Dinerstein of Palm Beach County. If you noticed, the only time Dinerstein is mentioned is when he, conveniently, is the only one commenting asking for this type of politics to stop.

It all started back in the end of November when an anonymous mailer was sent to each of you showing the contributions made by Sid and the other frontrunners. In this mailer Dinerstein was exalted for being an excellent donor and an excellent fundraiser. Dinerstein later claims, “I did not send out that mailer.” That is probably true. However Dinerstein’s recent re-election as Chairman over the Palm Beach County REC would suggest that Dinerstein is incredibly involved. During Dinerstein’s race for re-election- Dinerstein’s self identified political assassin Jack Furnari (appointed to the board of directors by Dinerstein) was the author to graphic mailer (depicting the Jonestown massacre) which was reported to have been sent to the young children of Dinerstein’s only opponent.

According to news media, Dinerstein faced a hotly contested re-election over the Palm Beach County Republican Party because several people that Dinerstein appointed to the board of directors to the Republican Party of Palm Beach County either, a) Refused to sign the loyalty oath or b) violated their oaths by supporting democrats in contested races where a republican as present.

The election of the RPOF Chairman is too important right now.  Republicans have one last shot at getting it right or risk turning Florida towards Democrats. We can not waste the momentum gained in November.

Take a look at the following commercial that Sid Dinerstein and Jack Furnari put out.

This is not the type of person that we need representing you and us and the Republican brand.  Chairman Dinerstein looks like a Xerox repairman with a clown tie while misspelled words appear on the screen.  They made this commercial, reviewed the content and aired this commercial in Palm Beach County and not one person called to volunteer. Then, Dinerstein removed the content from you tube as quick as he could. Hmm, I wonder why? Embarrassment.

Dinerstein's claim of raising money is completely misleading.  Wealthy Republicans who live on the island of Palm Beach (in the County which Sid Dinerstein leads) refuse to contribute to the Party while Sid Dinerstein is Chairman.  Senator Rubio raised more money in his last event held in Palm Beach than Dinerstein was able to raise in the last 2 years combined. Dinerstein appears to not know the difference between gross revenue and net revenue.  While money does come in from REC sponsored events such as Lincoln Day Dinner and Lobster Fest, there have been times when these events actually lost money.  The coffers of Palm Beach County GOP are bare, even to the point where the staff had to take a 30% pay cut.  In fact, the only way that the staff was able to get a paycheck and steer clear from bankruptcy was to actually call a wealthy donor themselves to get an emergency infusion of cash. The Chairman refused to make the call. Talk about fiscal responsibility.

The truth behind his false claims of raising money is that the average revenues brought in by the Party have been decreasing since he took over as Chairman.  This information can be found at the election supervisor’s office.

Recently the fundraiser who was retained by the Republican Party of Palm Beach County resigned. Here are some of the reasons why:

1.      Chairman Dinerstein refused to reach out to the big donors of Palm Beach County.
2.      When the fundraising consultant reached out to big donors from the Island of Palm Beach on her own- she was rejected because the donor’s do not trust Sid Dinerstein
3.      The funds that the consultant did secure were being used to help democrats in local and state races.
4.      The support of Democrats by members of Chairman Dinerstein’s board

This brings us to one of the most important reasons that Chairman Dinerstein is not qualified to be Chairman of the RPOF besides putting out ridiculous commercials, not being able to raise money and the negative politics put out by his henchman, Jack Furnari……he allows his board members to openly support Democrats. Certain members of his board financially support Democrats while Dinerstein agrees not to run candidates in races where they already have Democratic candidates that they support. These deals are not needed in Tallahassee. Should Dinerstein succeed the members will most certainly be appointed or direct the leaders of the RPOF! Dinerstein’s defense for this is silence and in return to attack all those who oppose him and his valiant steed Jack Furnari

The most ironic item put out by Dinerstein is his 7 point ethics platform.  He and his henchmen are the least ethical politicos operating in the shadows and slandering anyone who would oppose their personal agendas.

We can not have Dinerstein as Chairman of Palm Beach County let alone the RPOF.  2012 is too important and we need to re-brand the Republican name correctly. We urge all of you to pick someone other than Sid Dinerstein.

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