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NRA rallies for pro-gun amendment



The NRA is rallying its members behind a one-sentence bill amendment that would protect motorists who carry guns in their vehicles.

Sen. Durell Peaden, a term-limited Panhandle Republican, is suggesting this one-sentence amendment to an agriculture bill (SB2074) on the Senate special order calendar: "However, a (firearm) licensee may not be prevented from transporting or storing a lawful firearm in a private vehicle for lawful purposes if the vehicle is otherwise lawfully present."

The Senate is expected to discuss the bill this afternoon.

The Florida Chamber of Commerce threw the first punch, linking the amendment to gun lobbyists.

The NRA fired back:

"The Florida Chamber of Commerce is once again attacking freedom and Second Amendment rights," it wrote to its members.

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"In an email blast to Chamber members it says: "Rather than offering constructive ideas on how to create jobs and stimulate the economy, the gun lobby in Florida is once again attacking the rights of property owners across this state."

Clearly, the anti-gun Florida Chamber has abandoned its true mission, and is now attacking law-abiding gun owners and our Second Amendment rights. 

The NRA's job is to protect your gun rights from organizations like the Florida Chamber, which spends hundreds of thousands of dollars to subvert your Second Amendment rights instead of working to improve jobs and the economy.  Rather than spending its money to keep workers employed, it is working to strip law-abiding gun owners of their constitutional rights.

NRA is sponsoring an Amendment to clarify a problem created by anti-gun businesses.

In one case, a father buried his son, who was killed in a car accident, in a local cemetery in 2008. The cemetery rules, which were revised in 2009, now prohibit firearms in the cemetery. The father has a carry license and always keeps a gun in his vehicle for protection. He is now afraid that he won’t be able to visit his son's grave without going home to remove his gun from his car. This is totally unacceptable and wrong. 

The NRA amendment clarifies that he can, in fact, have his gun in his car at the cemetery.

It has nothing to do with guns-at-work. Legislation that we helped pass made sure workers could have their firearms stored in their private vehicles in a parking lot at work. The Florida Chamber SUED to prevent workers from exercising their constitutional rights -- and LOST. The Court ruled that workers with licenses to carry concealed firearms can not be prohibited from having firearms in their vehicles in parking lots at work.

This amendment is about protecting the rights of customers and guests. With today's economic problems, businesses should focus on creating jobs instead of alienating their customers and employees by trying to restrict their constitutional rights.

The Chamber of Commerce, funded by businesses in your community, is trying to strip away your right to keep and bear arms!

You must act quickly.  URGENT!  The Senate Must Hear From You"


[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 11:31am]


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