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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Obama campaign touts early vote strength



The spin from Republicans and Democrats over who's winning the battle for early votes in Florida is growing tiresome, but the Obama campaign is scoffing the talk from Republicans that they are underperforming. From the Obama campaign's Florida spokesman Eric Jotkoff:

Over the last several months, we have seen that there are lies, damn lies, and Romney campaign statistics. The reason why Republican operatives are freaking out, leaking confidential memos to the press about "Democrat turnout machine is cleaning our clock," as reported by WPTV ‘s Evan Axelbank, is because Democrats have the momentum in Florida and Barack Obama is on track to win the Sunshine State. That facts remain that:
·After the first four days of Early Voting in 2008, Democrats were down 24,969 ballots cast with Early Vote and Vote by Mail and it took six full days of Early Voting for Democratic turnout to exceed Republican turnout. In 2012, despite Rick Scott’s cutting the Early Voting period from 14 days to 8 days, thanks to the record turnout across Florida for Early Voting, Democrats overtook Republicans in turnout after just two days of Early Voting.
·After the first four days of Early Voting in 2008, Democrats had a 134,163 turnout advantage in just Early Vote. In 2012, Democrats have a 119,198 turnout advantage with Early Voting basically matching the margins from 2008.
·At this point in 2008, Republicans had a 163,670 vote by mail advantage. This year, Democrats have closed that historic Republican advantage and Republicans only lead in vote by mail by 59,361 returned. Over the past several days, Democrats have been returning ballots at a higher rate than Republicans. This trend is expected to continue since there nearly 20,000 more Democratic Vote by Mail ballots than Republican ballots to be returned. At this time in 2008, Republicans had 46,272 more vote by mail ballots to return than Democrats on top of their already big vote by mail advantage at that time

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