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The other debate: Kristy vs. Elliott



A mere half hour into the debate and the Mitt Romney and Rudy Giuliani spin machines are in full tooth-bearing mode.

Romney spokeswoman Kristy Campbell struck first with an e-mail to reporters with the header, "Mayor Giuliani Praises His Policies Of Protecting Illegal Immigrants." Giuliani spokesman Elliott Bundy hit back with "Mitt Romney Let Illegal Immigrants Flood His State And Rewarded Sanctuary Cities With State Aid."

Back and forth they go ... On sheer volume, Campbell is winning. She's put out seven releases already. Bundy has two. (Click on jump for a sample of the dueling missives, edited for space. Who is more effective?)

From Elliott:


Crime Increased During Romney’s Tenure In Office. “New FBI statistics show that murders and other violent crimes rose in Massachusetts under former Gov. Mitt Romney, while plummeting in many parts of the country, a fact that could haunt the ex-governor on the presidential trail.” (Dave Wedge, “Crime Up During Romney Tenure,” Boston Herald, 9/26/07)

“The Numbers Paint A Murky Picture Of Romney's Record On Crime, Which May Explain Why He Rarely Broaches The Subject On The Stump, More Often Opting To Speak About Terrorism, Immigration, Health Care, Taxes, Gay Marriage, Gun Ownership And Abortion.” (Dave Wedge, “Crime Up During Romney Tenure,” Boston Herald, 9/26/07)

“The Newly Released Figures Show That Murders Were Up 7.5 Percent In The Bay State And 25 Percent In Boston From 2002 To 2006 While Romney Was Governor.” (Dave Wedge, “Crime Up During Romney Tenure,” Boston Herald, 9/26/07)

From Kristy:


In October 1996, The Giuliani Administration Filed A Lawsuit Challenging A Federal Law That, In Part, Rescinded New York City 's Sanctuary Policy. "Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani today announced that the New York City Corporation Counsel has filed a law suit against the federal government challenging two provisions of the recently enacted Federal Welfare and Immigration laws." (Mayor Rudy Giuliani, "Mayor Giuliani Announces City Has Filed Suit To Challenge Federal Welfare And Immigration Laws," Press Release, 10/11/96)

Giuliani Said The Bill Overturning His Sanctuary Policy Was "Inhuman And Indecent." "Calling it 'inhumane and indecent,' Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani said today that he would sue the Federal Government to block a previously overlooked provision of the new welfare law that allows city employees to turn in illegal immigrants who seek services like police protection, hospital care and public education." (David Firestone, "Giuliani To Sue Over Provision On Welfare," The New York Times, 9/12/96)

The Case: City Of New York And Rudolph Giuliani Vs. The United States Of America And Janet Reno . (See: )

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