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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Plenty of Florida earmarks in new federal spending bill



pork.Senate Democrats today unveiled a $1.1 trillion spending plan that contains $8 billion in earmarks. The budget was cast by Beltway observers as the last stand of the old guard, and some longtime Republicans joined in the feeding frenzy, including Sen. Mitch McConnell.

Florida got its share, from $1.6 million for NASA infrastructure to $250,000 for a Latino literacy program to $1.45 million for "mosquito trapping research."

Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson, up for re-election in 2012, recently voted to end earmarks but has plenty in the bill, as you can see below. The National Republican Senatorial Committee on Wednesday tried to apply pressure. “Bill Nelson has a lot of explaining to do to Florida taxpayers, and we look forward to hearing what he has to say about this latest chapter in the Democrats’ reckless spending binge,” said spokesman Brian Walsh.

  • Launch Complex-36/46 Infrastructure $1,650,000 Nelson, Bill
  • Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission, Cooperative Grouper-Snapper Fisheries Data Collection $1,000,000 Nelson, Bill
  • ARISE Foundation, North Palm Beach, FL Life-Management Skills Intervention/Re-entry Program for High Risk Youth $300,000 Hastings; Klein; Meek; Wasserman Schultz; Nelson
  • Florida Fish And Wildlife Conservation Commission, Cooperative Grouper-Snapper Fisheries Data Collection $1,000,000 Nelson, Bill
  • County of Orange, Orlando, FL Public Safety Radio System Upgrade $300,000 Kosmas; Grayson Nelson, Bill
  • Entrepreneurial Institute, Broward College, Fort Lauderdale, FL $350,000 Wasserman Schultz; Klein
  • From Red 2 Black Financial Literacy Program, Latino Leadership, Inc., Orlando, FL $250,000 Grayson
  • Small Business Incubator Expansion, City of Lauderhill, Lauderhill, FL $145,000 Hastings; Wasserman Schultz
  • University of South Florida Business Incubator Project, Bartow, FL $200,000 Nelson, Bill
  • Agricultural Research Service Salaries and expenses Mosquito Trapping Research/West Nile Virus, Gainesville, FL $1,454,000 DeLauro
  • U.S. Agricultural Research Service facility, Canal Point, FL $3,654,000 Boyd; Grayson; Hastings; Klein; Meek; Melancon; Wasserman Schultz
  • Florida Biomass to Biofuels Conversion Program, FL $285,000 Brown, Corrine; Grayson; Kosmas, Nelson, Bill
  • EOC City of Palm Beach Gardens, FL $800,000 Klein
  • EOC City of South Daytona, FL $800,000 Kosmas; Nelson
  • Predisaster Mitigation Orange County Government, FL $1,000,000 Grayson
  • MANATEE HARBOR, FL 100,000 Castor; Bill Nelson
  • TAMPA HARBOR, FL $200,000 Castor; Bill Nelson
  • Repair and Resurfacing of Critical Streets, Belle Glade, Palm Beach County, FL $900,000 Hastings
  • Sharpes Ferry Bridge, FL $1,000,000 Grayson
  • St. John's Heritage Parkway Interchanges, FL $1,500,000 Nelson, Bill
  • Veterans Medical City Connector, FL $1,000,000 Kosmas
  • Lyons Road Improvements Section IV, Coconut Creek, FL $650,000 Deutch
  • JTA Commuter Rail Alternative Analysis, Jacksonville, FL $1,200,000 Nelson, Bill
  • Children's Museum of Tampa, FL Construction of a Facility $750,000 Castor
  • City of Winter Park, FL Acquisition of Land for Expansion of a Park $250,000 Kosmas
  • Alonzo Mourning Charities, Miami, FL for youth development $350,000 Wasserman Schultz
  • Seminole County Public Schools for STEM learning $750,000 Kosmas
  • Florida Atlantic University for curriculum development $400,000 Deutch; Hastings
  • County of Broward for a pediatric mortality public awareness campaign $150,000 Hastings
  • Haitian American Association Against Cancer, Inc., Miami, FL research, screening $300,000 Meek
  • Florida International University for medical research facilities and equipment $550,000 Meek; Hastings; Wasserman Schultz
  • Gadsen County Health Department, Quincy, FL for facilities and equipment $200,000 Boyd
  • Morse Geriatric Center, West Palm Beach, FL for facilities and equipment $450,000 Klein; Nelson, Bill
  • Reach Up Inc., Tampa, FL for health professions education and training $400,000 Castor
  • Tampa General Hospital, Tampa, FL for facilities and equipment $350,000 Castor; Nelson
  • Community Rehabilitation Center, Jacksonville, FL $750,000 Brown; Nelson
  • Brevard Workforce Development Board for a job training initiative $600,000 Kosmas; Nelsonl
  • Central Florida Joint Training Association, Orlando, FL for job training $850,000 Grayson
  • Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, FL, for training in cyber security $250,000 Nelson


[Last modified: Wednesday, December 15, 2010 12:44pm]


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