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Poll: Obama lagging in FL, Thompson strong



The latest Quinnipiac poll of swing states shows Hillary Clinton cruising in Florida and Giuliani's edge shrinking. Still, Giuliani is the only Republican who beats every Democrat in hypothetical match-ups in FL.

Ds: Clinton 38, Obama 15, Gore 13, Edwards 8, Dk 15.

Rs: Giuliani 27, F Thompson 21, McCain 13, Gingrich 7, Romney 6, DK 18.

“If Sen. Obama is catching Clinton in the primary contest, there is no evidence of it in Florida and Ohio. But in November, the large number of non-Democrats who view her negatively keeps a cap on her showing against Republicans,” said pollster Peter Brown. “Giuliani’s lead among Republicans continues to dwindle. Perhaps his much-discussed difference with the GOP mainstream over issues such as abortion, gay rights and gun control are beginning to take its toll.

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