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Rick Scott and the politics of kissing



Rick Scott stood behind the podium, ready to address the plight of Floridians.

He was governor-elect now. People awaited his every move, promises of 700,000 jobs, accountability and small government.

But first, a little love.

"I want to start with my wife, Ann, the next first lady of the great state of Florida," he said during his acceptance speech Wednesday.

The towering Scott took his wife of 38 years by both hands, bent down and... Smooooooch.

Therewith commenced the vexatious pigment transfer that has plagued the male-female romantic merger for centuries. Her lipstick. To his mouth.


Scott stood back up, and seemed to consider it.

What to do? Do you wipe off the lipstick and risk looking cold and grossed out? Or do you pretend the lipstick is not there and finish your speech as Emmet Kelly?

Scott wiped it away.

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