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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

RPOF moves to expel Shark Tank blogger

Javier "Shark Tank" Manjarres - CPAC's 2011 blogger of the year - reports that the state GOP's grievance committee is recommending that chairman David Bitner expel Manjarres from his exalted position as alternate precinct committeeman in Broward for two years. The crime? Manjarres has been regularly attacking Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli and others. The Sun Sentinel had the grievance committee's prior findings here and then Manjarres was accused of continued improper behavior.


Manjarres blogged:

...It seems as if the RPOF has not changed it’s stripes since the days of Jim Greer, because they  have now proven themselves to only care about the perception of the party in the public eye. They would much rather let the Charlie Crist Republican and Jim Greer-esque Chairman Richard DeNapoli continue to intimidate and threaten fellow committeemen, than sanction him for is antics, simply to prevent any possible embarrassing moment for  the party.

We have seen this before in the past, when the state Republican party turned the other way and let former RPOF Chairman Greer run the party into the ground, and completely embarrass both the state and national parties. Do they not learn from their mistakes?

Furthermore, I am withdrawing any and all future support to the RPOF, including the support I offered, and was acknowledge by the party, for the Presidency 5 event in September. It would be hypocritical for me to support the RPOF after they have shown disregard for both the party and myself. Not to mention that fact that it has come to my attention that the RPOF itself is possibly working  with Democrats to help run the media aspect of the Presidency 5 event. Because this allegation has been substantiated to me, I also implore any and all Conservative bloggers to reconsider  attending Presidency 5, until this allegation can be proven by the RPOF to be wrong.

The Democrat working at P5 is a reference to Peter "SaintPetersblog" Schorsch, who these days is an independent.

"No, I'm not working on P5 although I did submit a proposal with a comprehensive list of how the party could enhance the social networking experience," Schorsch told Buzz.



[Last modified: Saturday, July 9, 2011 6:21pm]


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