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Rubio 4 Senate: The Facebook Chronicles

If Facebook status updates were equal to votes, Marco Rubio would be popping the champagne cork for a U.S. Senate victory against Gov. Charlie Crist, who made his Senate bid official today.

There is a Facebook page for Charlie Crist, but it sits pretty idle. Rubio's personal page, however, is his own oft-used political stump. Here's a sampling from the former House Speaker's recent status updates:


"I will be on Fox News Channel at 12:40 EST" -- Today, 11:57am

"Elections are best when they are about clear choices. Let the debate begin." -- Today, 10:52am

"Disappointed GOP senate comm endorses Crist on day 1. Remember that reform must always come from the outside. Status quo won't change itself." -- Today, 8:06am

"We will either find a way or make one" Hannibal (no not Lecter!) -- Monday, 7:26am

"A politician thinks of the next election -- a statesman, of the next generation" James Freeman ClarkeSun  -- Monday, 4:56am

"Cue the Rocky music!" (posted with a link to the the Weekly Standard's profile of Rubio, dubbed the 'Florida Underdog' in his 'uphill race against Charlie Crist') -- Saturday, 8:32am

"My view of what Republicans need to do? Provide an idea- and solution-based check and balance to the Democrats in Congress." -- May 7, 4:11pm

"Starting my third day of working hard to make sure the Republican nominee for US Senate is a Republican." -- May 7, 7:55am

"I will take my chances!" (Posted with a link to the St. Petersburg Times story headlined 'Marco Rubio faces long odds in run for a Senate seat') -- May 6, 7:22am

Rubio also found time to join the Facebook group supporting Father Cutie, the Miami priest who has admitted to breaking his vow of celibacy with a woman photographed with him at the beach.

And from some of his more than 3,500 FB 'friends' come recent vitriolic anti-Crist posts like:

"Just saw you on Fox....GREAT JOB MARCO!!!! BUH BYE CRIST YOU PORK LOVIN RINO!!!!" -- Ellen Snyder, Today, 1:01pm

"Remember David and Goliath?" -- Michele Mallet, Today, 10:03am

"Seek (the office of U.S. Senate) and Destroy (that RINO). This is Specter vs. Toomey, and a battle for the soul of the Republican Party of Florida." -- Francisco Gonzalez, Monday, 7:09pm

"Heard that Crist just got in the race. We definitely don't need another moderate liberal in DC. It's time for us to get back to our conservative roots. I believe you are the man to take us there. I will do everything i can to get you elected." -- Jennifer Wilson, Monday, 6:38pm

Marc Caputo, Times/Herald Tallahassee Bureau


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