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Rubio's deja vu on gov's tax-cut plans



Gov. Charlie Crist's new property-tax capping/cutting legislative priorities aren't so new. Just ask former House Speaker Marco Rubio, whose chamber offered similar legislation only to see the Senate kill it and Crist do little to support it back in 07-08.

Rubio is a possible gov/Senate candidate who'll likely run for the office Crist doesn't in 10. But he doesn't look like he's ready to grovel for the gov's endorsement, which might carry less weight in a Republican primary than it used to thanks to Crist's warm embrace of the Democrats' federal stimulus package. That said, the gov carries lots 'o weight, so Rubio refrained from direct criticism in this email:

When Amendment One was rammed through the legislature as a take it or leave it proposition in October of 2007, we warned that the state had missed an opportunity to stimulate the economy and that as a result tough times lay ahead.

Many of these proposals now being supported by the Governor's office were offered up by the House during that special session and during the regular session of 2008.  If we had received support back then, things would be much better today for millions of Floridian's (emphasis ours). We could have avoided hundreds of thousands of foreclosures, and record job losses. The legislature had a chance to be bold  and solve this problem before it became a crisis. Instead, what the House was forced to accept was a proposal was more the product of polls than of serious policy.

But I guess it is better late than never!


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