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Rumble at the Rosen





With lots of shots of Charlie Crist, George Lemieux, Mel Martinez, and Jim Greer in the background, the Fox News/RPOF debate started off with elbows flying. A sampling:

McCain: "Gov. Romney, you've been spending the last year trying to fool people about your record. I don't want you to start fooling them about mine. I stand on my record."

Giuliani: I think, in every case, you can always find one exception or two to someone being absolutely conservative or absolutely this or absolutely that, but I think I had a heck of a lot of conservative results.

Thompson: "Mayor Giuliani believes in federal funding for abortion. He believes in sanctuary cities. He's for gun control. He supported Mario Cuomo, a liberal Democrat, against a Republican who was running for governor; then opposed the governor's tax cuts when he was there. So I simply disagree with him those issues. And he sides with Hillary Clinton on each of those issues I just mentioned."

Huckabee: "For the first time in about nine debates, I'm kind of glad I wasn't in on the first few minutes because it was all about these guys fighting each other. And I am more than content to let you let them fight all they want tonight, shed each other's blood and then I'll be ready to run for president because I'm not interested in fighting these guys. What I'm interested in is fighting for the American people."

Romney: "All of us on the stage are Republican. But the question is, who will be able to build the house that Ronald Reagan built -- who will be able to strengthen that house, because that's the house that's going to build the house that Clinton, Hillary, wants to build. "

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