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Rush Limbaugh: Why aren't they begging Marco Rubio to run for president?



Rush Limbaugh via HotAir:

Let me ask you, why do you think they’re not begging Rubio to run?  Rubio has been just as adamant as Christie that he doesn’t want to run.  In a contest of conservatism, Rubio wins versus Christie.  So why are they not asking Rubio to run? …

Part of it is, I think, that they genuinely believe that whoever the other nominees are can’t win.  That’s another thing that frosts me.  I think Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd could beat Obama in this election coming up because I think this is going to largely be about Obama.  It’s going to be a referendum on his outright destruction of the wealth-creating genius of this country.  I think Elmer Fudd could win, but I’m more concerned than that.  I don’t want to just get rid of Obama, I want to take advantage of the opportunity we have to finally get a genuine, full-fledged, unapologetic conservative because this is going to be a major task … rolling this stuff back.  It’s going to take more than one election, and it’s going to take somebody fearless.  And we’re not going to roll this stuff back having compromise and bipartisanship as our primary objectives. …

But Rubio, Rubio would win in a walkover.  He’s conservative.  He’s articulate.  He’s great-looking.  He’s Hispanic and sounds very smart.  How can he possibly lose?  If this were the Democrat Party, the party father would probably tell Obama to step aside and let Rubio run, if Rubio were a Democrat.  There are more Hispanic voters now than there are blacks, and Rubio’s got more experience than Obama had when he decided to run.  I don’t know how many times Rubio has voted “present” versus Obama. …

Anyway, look, the reason why they’re not pushing Rubio… I’m going to answer my own question. That’s what I do. I ask myself the best questions I’m ever asked and, therefore, I give the best answers. They’re not pushing Rubio because while they praise him, they don’t think he has had enough experience yet.

And Rubio is — sorry to say this, folks — another example of the RINOs being wrong.

[Last modified: Saturday, October 1, 2011 4:33pm]


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