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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

In Sarasota, Mitt Romney promises, that unlike Obama, he'll bring Dems and GOP together in D.C.



At least 4,000 people turned out in in the 90-degree heat Thursday to cheer on Mitt Romney in Sarasota, where the Republican nominee promised he'll bring an era of bi-partisanship to Washington that Barack Obama failed to deliver.

"We face a Washington that's broken, that can't get the job done. The president today threw in the white flag of surrender again: He said can't change Washington from inside, he can only change it from outside," Romney said, referring to a comment Obama made today in Miami. "I can change washington, I will change Washington, we'll get the job done from the inside. Republicans and Democrats will come together. He he can't do it. his slogan was 'Yes we can.' his slogan is now 'No I can't.' This is time for a new president. He went from the president of change to the president who can't get change."

If anyone hoped that the recent spate of hand-wringing and second-guessing from beltway pundits and conservatives would produce a new, bolder Romney, they would have been disappointed by his 18-minute Sarasota speech. Mostly, he repeated vague goals of improving education, helping small business, getting a grip on the deficit, and expanding trade and energy production.

Romney again criticizied the president for using more than $700-billion in reduced Medicare spending to help pay for the Affordable Care Act.

"I hope the people of Florida understand this: He cut Medicare by $716-billion, and if I'm president of the United states were going to put that $716-billion back into Medicare, back into the care of our seniors," said Romney, neglecting to mention that his running mate, Paul Ryan, supported the same reductions to the growth in Medicare spending, and that without that reduction, Medicare would be insolvment by 2016, rather than 2024.


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