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Senate to House: Stick to the tax basics



The House's sudden and unexpected proposals for a 3-percent cap on all property assessments and a sales tax swap are outside the special session call and will be ruled out of order on the Senate floor today, President Ken Pruitt said.

"The issues within the call are fair game to be debated," Pruitt said at an 8:15 a.m. meeting

"I've been through too many of these to where at the end of the day if you start taking up stuff outside the call then that just create a lot of chaos," Pruitt told reporters. "We’re going to stay true to the call. We're going to take the issues that the governor, the speaker and I agreed to and go ahead and move those issues forward."

A TV reporter invoked Rep. Dan Gelber's line equating Republican House moves to a "toga party." Pruitt did not bite. "The great ideas come from the House and it's the Senate’s role to work with our House to finally get a product at the end of the day that the people of the state of Florida can be proud of."

UPDATE: Sen. Jim King has reaffirmed Pruitt's position but some fellow Republicans feel otherwise. Sen. J.D. Alexander said other issues should be considered given the legislation only came out Friday. Sen. Victor Crist said he did not intend to withdraw amendments. And Sen. Mike Bennett expressed support for a 3-percent assessment cap.

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