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Thurman and Dean on do-over primary



Anything's possible, but so far it strikes us as more likely that Michigan, which has a track record with caucuses, is more likely to hold another Democratic election than FL, which is much more sensitive about voter participation.

Karen Thurman: “Obviously, these primaries are the talk of the political world, and some are even suggesting that Florida hold a run-off election between the top two Democratic primary vote-getters, which happen to be Senators Clinton and Obama. However, this is not a time to panic or jump to any conclusions simply because the Republicans have a nominee. It is important to remember that the Democratic nominating process does not end until June 10. The Florida Democratic Party continues to work with our leadership, Sen. Clinton, Sen. Obama and the Democratic National Committee to ensure this state is fully represented at the National Convention.

More below, including Howard Dean.

More Thurman: “We have discussed many things, ranging from the plans for the general election to a potential alternative primary to the process for appealing to the credentials committee of the National Convention to seat our delegates as currently allocated. It is important also that we are clear about one issue. At this time, no suggested alternative process has been able to meet three specific and necessary requirements: the full participation from both candidates, a guaranteed commitment of the millions of dollars it will cost to conduct the event and a detailed election plan that would enfranchise all Florida Democrats, including our military service members serving in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere."

Dean: "We're glad to hear that the Governors of Michigan and Florida are
willing to lend their weight to help resolve this issue.  As we've said
all along, we strongly encourage the Michigan and Florida state parties
to follow the rules, so today's public overtures are good news. The
rules, which were agreed to by the full DNC including representatives
from Florida and Michigan over 18 months ago, allow for two options.
First, either state can choose to resubmit a plan and run a party process
to select delegates to the convention; second, they can wait until this
summer and appeal to the Convention Credentials Committee, which
determines and resolves any outstanding questions about the seating of
delegates.  We look forward to receiving their proposals should they
decide to submit new delegate selection plans and will review those plans
at that time.  The Democratic Nominee will be determined in accordance
with party rules, and out of respect for the presidential campaigns and
the states that did not violate party rules, we are not going to change
the rules in the middle of the game."

[Last modified: Wednesday, September 15, 2010 1:16pm]


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