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Tim Pawlenty: I'll 'probably' campaign in FL straw poll, would have voted against debt plan



Just taped an interview with Tim Pawlenty for Sunday's Political Connections show on Bay News 9. Some nuggets:


Will he participate in the state GOP's Presidency 5 straw poll, as well as the Fox News debate in Orlando in late September? "We're still considering that. We're looking forward to having a robust campaign in Florida. I think we've got the earliest and best and most prominent team of political leaders, volunteer leaders in this state...We look forward to being in that debate - and probably P5. We haven't made an announcement on that yet, but we know it's important to Florida."

His take on the deal Obama signed today to raise the debt ceiling: "The debt ceiling is a symptom of some structural and underlying problems and they didn't really address it. It would be like giving you an aspirin for a high temperature even though you had a temperature for weeks on end. At some point it's not about the temperature, it's about the underlying condition."

So you would have voted against it? "I didn't support the deal. And it's really underwhelming for a lot of reasons. One, it's going to disproportionally take the money out of defense;Number two it doesn't solve the problem structurally or from a reform standpoint;Number three, it's not clear that much of it is even going to happen because a future congress or a future president can reverse or change all of it."

On offshore drilling:  "I'm an all of the above type person - that means drilling in Anwar, that means offshore drilling where appropriate, that means more nuclear in a modern way... With respect to states like Florida, it would be up to them (to allow offshore drilling or not)."

On Michele Bachmann: "The last thing we want is another person in that office who wasn't prepared for that office, doesn't have executive experience and, with all do respect to congresswoman Bachmann, her record of results in congress is non-existent."

[Last modified: Tuesday, August 2, 2011 5:33pm]


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