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Top Repub Sharon Day fires back at Greer

Sharon Day, Florida's national Republican committeewoman, has sent a letter to state committee members firing back at RPOF chair Jim Greer for his recent letter regarding his attempts to avoid a primary in the U.S. Senate and Florida governor races.

Among her word choices to describe Greer's assertions: "ludicrous," "patently false," and "unfortunate".

Read for yourself:

Dear State Committee Members:
Fresh from a very successful and energized RNC Quarterly meeting in Washington DC, I find myself reaching out to you in response to a letter that was sent to us all by Chairman Greer regarding the media frenzy surrounding the “Rule 11” letter on Wednesday, May 20th.
It is indeed unfortunate - especially in light of the media coverage - that Mr. Greer chose to use this letter evidently intended to put the matter to rest, to create yet more turmoil by insinuating that a “confidential” conversation he had with his “National Committee colleagues” was disclosed to the press by either National Committeeman Paul Senft or me.
This is a ludicrous accusation and patently false.  Please note that the first I heard of this claim was in Wednesday’s letter.  Chairman Greer never mentioned his concern regarding the disclosure to me personally, although we spent almost the entire week in Washington, DC together at the same RNC Quarterly meeting.
This whole matter could have been cleared up very quickly and privately instead of unnecessarily prolonging this controversy in this manner.  If he had privately voiced such a concern, I would have played him the media inquires saved in my voice mail such as the one below which is typical of those that began last Thursday afternoon, much to my astonishment:
“Sharon, Bill Cotterell with The Tallahassee Democrat up in the
State Capitol, please call me at 850-566-XXXX.  It’s about Rule 11.
 I was just talking with Jim Greer about it.  566-XXXX. Thanks.” 
To be perfectly clear, you have a right to know that I did not initiate contact with the press and I feel certain Paul did not either. Should you wish a minute-by-minute accounting of the previous private communications of last week, I will be glad to provide it to you.
You also have the right to know the reason I did not sign the Rule 11 Letter, in the event you missed the articles in the news media.  I want to ensure that the Republican voters of Florida have an opportunity to select their candidate in a fair and balanced primary.  It was always about the process and not the personalities. 
As you know, this is not only the backbone of our political system, but also an ideal supported by Governor Crist, RNC Chairman Michele Steele, RPOF Committee members and now it would seem, Chairman Jim Greer, as well, for which we are all thankful.
I have been very touched by all of your calls and emails of support for my belief of the primary system, but now we must get to work to rebuild our great party together.  To that end, much was accomplished this week at the RNC. You will be hearing more about all of this shortly.
As we move forward, Floridians are blessed with any number of fine Republican candidates dedicated to our Republican values and beliefs.  As county leaders, we must and we will do all in our power to ensure that we have the volunteers, tools and resources in place to make certain that the duly elected primary winners cross the finish line to true victory in November of 2010.
As we celebrate Memorial Day on Monday, I know you will join me and Americans all across this great country at 3:00 pm for a moment of silence for those individuals that have given so much to protect our freedom and our wonderful way of life. Please know I will continue to do all in my power as your National Committeewoman and RNC Secretary to honor their sacrifices and ensure honest debate and fair elections in Florida and beyond.
I am grateful to lead this great Party beside you every day. United we can overcome any obstacle in our path and emerge victorious. God bless each of you. God bless our great country and may God continue to bless the party dedicated to freedom and equality.
All the best,
Sharon Day
Florida National Committeewoman

[Last modified: Thursday, September 9, 2010 6:02pm]


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