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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

Wanna see a Fla legislator in his skivvies?



No, nor did we. Unfortunately someone sent us these shots of Rep. Peter Nehr, R-Tarpon Springs, who seems to like to photograph himself in bathrooms. UPDATE: Nehr responds below.


Nehr said he sent the pictures to many friends because he was proud to have dropped his weight from 210 to 160 and got control of his diabetes. "I had no idea anyone would use them against me," Nehr said.








From Nehr:

To all those interested in my pictures that were posted on the blogs:
I have been a diabetic for many years and like many diabetics have had problems with my weight and my blood sugar control. The attached pictures are all originals with no photo shopping which include a before picture and after picture of my face and also a before and after picture of my body. I went from 210 pounds to 160 pounds and from a 38 inch waistline to a 30 inch waistline. I also went from taking over a 110 units of insulin per day taking 5 shots to almost no daily insulin shots. My blood sugar went from highs of over 300 to currently from 100 to 140. This was done by proper and  moderate exercise and being very careful regarding not only what I eat, but how much I eat. I also receive Acupuncture treatments to improve my overall health.  I have also been featured in an e book called “Fit over 40” due to weight loss and have made key note speeches at FSU Medical School and other venues to audiences interested in Diabetes and Health.
I use every opportunity I can to show other Diabetics that it is possible to control and possibly reverse the effects of this terrible disease. There are over 2 million diabetics in Florida alone and if my before and after pictures can give some of them the hope of a better life even with diabetes then I am happy to have helped.
I have even included a picture that is only a week old.( the one at the beach with a white shirt on) to show everyone that I am still in great shape and that it is possible not only to get into shape but stay that way long term.
I have sent these pictures to many of my friends that have been following my health and diabetes progress and they have shared them with others as well. It appears that someone who has a problem with my politics is trying to use them in a way to hurt my campaign. I am proud of what I have done to improve my health and will discuss this with anyone who wants to know how to do what I did.
If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me by e mail or my cell.

(Here is a before photo Nehr attached with his statement)





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