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Wexler: FL Democratic prez votes don't matter



UPDATE: Rep. Wexler's office let us know that it considers the headline on this post unfair as he never used the phrase "don't matter." It seemed to us a fair summary of Wexler's comments, but you can judge for yourself.

Robert_wexler_ap U.S. Rep. Robert Wexler, D-Palm Beach liberals who vote for Pat Buchanan, knows a thing or two about demanding that Florida voters not be disenfranchised.  So on a Barack Obama conference call a few minutes ago, we asked what he thought of the Obama campaign memo this week declaring that Florida's Democratic primary is a meaningless exercise.

"Do I wish it were different? Sure I do,'' said Wexler, who trashed the DNC's decision to strip away all Florida delegates. "(But) the facts are the facts and both the Obama campaign and the Clinton campaign have stated at this point this is a contest for delegates...There will be no delegates chosen in Florida."

The purpose of the conference call with Wexler and the regally named U.S. Rep. Adam Smith, D-Washington, was to bash Hillary for bashing Obama for having said something vaguely kind about Ronald Reagan. Said Wexler: "This goes to the essence of why I support Barack Obama. What Sen. Obama is arguing for is that in order to unite the country behind a Democratic agenda, we need to increase the size of the tent of the Democratic party.... What Sen. Obama is creating are Obama Republicans and Obama independents."

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