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From the staff of the Tampa Bay Times

What they're saying in Fla about Paul Ryan



01_romneyryan081112_234801a.jpgConnie Mack IV (who once said of the Ryan plan," that budget was a joke, doesn’t balance the budget for years.”): "Paul Ryan understands the priorities needed to put our nation back on the road to more freedom, less government and renewed prosperity.  I have known and worked with Paul Ryan since being elected to the Congress and was outraged time and again when his ideas to move our nation forward were killed by a liberal Senate.  Now our party can give him the right platform and a Senate that will no longer be flawed and unworkable.  With great pride, we all unite today behind the Romney-Ryan ticket."

Marco Rubio: “Throughout his life, Mitt Romney has made great decisions, and choosing Paul Ryan as his running mate is a truly inspired choice. I got to know Paul during my Senate campaign when he endorsed me early on when I was still considered a long shot. Paul Ryan is a courageous reformer who understands our nation’s challenges, has proposed bold policy solutions to solve them, and has shown the courage to stand up to President Obama and other Washington politicians trying to tear him down.
“The Romney-Ryan ticket is going to win in November because it offers the American people visionary leadership to recapture the free enterprise spirit that has empowered countless Americans to build businesses from scratch and live the American dream. I’m excited about the visionary change a Romney-Ryan team will bring to Washington, and I look forward to campaigning with them this fall.”

Jeb Bush: “I applaud Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Congressman Ryan’s command of economic policy and the federal budget will prove invaluable as Governor Romney fights to reform government, accelerate job growth and rein in the out-of-control spending that has been a hallmark of President Obama’s years in office. This courageous choice is the type of leadership American voters deserve. And, I believe it will ensure a victory for the Romney-Ryan ticket this November.”

RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day: "I share the Chairman's enthusiasm for Congressman Paul Ryan. The Romney-Ryan ticket will help get America working again."

Slater Bayliss, Republican fundraiser: "Politically, the  pick is not the deep Palinesque hail mary pass  that some Republicans were  hoping for.  Nor is it the safe play that  prognosticators expected Boston would employ to eat up the clock.  Rather -in choosing Ryan, Romney threaded the needle and completed a tight spiral into double coverage for a nice first down.  No doubt this play  puts the Romney campaign in field goal range with a chance to win. ... In Florida, I believe the Ryan choice will play very well  because like Marco, he is an articulate blue collar messenger who balances  solid Tea party street-cred  with  a reputation for a well reasoned pragmatic approach. I believe this balance  will play well with Florida's  swing voter."

US Rep. Tom Rooney: "I'm excited about the selection of my friend Paul Ryan to be our next Vice President. Paul understands better than anyone else the fiscal challenges our country faces after four years of President Obama, and he's shown the courage to face those challenges head-on. He knows that to get our economy going and help Americans get back to work, we have to change course from the failed big-spending, big-government policies of the Obama Administration. Most importantly, I am confident that he would be ready to step in on day one and lead this country as Commander in Chief. Ryan is a great pick. Game on!”

Debbie Wasserman Schultz: “Congressman Ryan laid the groundwork in Congress for Mitt Romney’s budget-busting scheme that gives an additional $250,000 tax cut for millionaires while punishing middle-class families with tax hikes of up to $2,000 a year.  This tried and failed trickle-down economics scheme is familiar and troubling: cuts to education and other job creating initiatives, ending Medicare as we know it and saddling our seniors with the bill all to pay for more tax cuts for millionaires and billionaires.  And I can say with no doubt, middle class families and seniors in my home state of Florida want no part of a Romney-Ryan economic scheme that puts millionaires ahead of Medicare and throws the middle class under the bus to give more tax breaks to the wealthy. 
“The American middle-class and our seniors cannot afford to go back to the failed policies of the past, and it is unconscionable to ask them to foot the bill for the Romney-Ryan scheme.  A Romney-Ryan ticket is sure to take us back and repeat the same catastrophic mistakes that got us into the mess we found ourselves in in the first place.”

Florida Democratic Chairman Rod Smith:  "In selecting Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney has crystalized the contrast of this election. Ryan is the architect of Romney's extreme budget plan which would end Medicare as we know it, increasing the healthcare costs for Florida's senior's by thousands every year. And both Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney support trillions in budget-busting tax cuts for millionaires paid for with tax hikes on the middle class and deep cuts in education and other investments we need to grow our economy. Both Romney and Ryan share a vision for America where the wealthiest few are prioritized over the middle class, students and seniors — that's not a vision which will move our state or country forward, and it is a vision which Floridians will whole-heartedly reject."

Gov. Rick Scott: "Congratulations to Governor Romney on picking Congressman Paul Ryan as his running mate.  Like Governor Romney, Congressman Ryan understands that government doesn't create jobs, people do.  And that the best way to create jobs is to get government out of the way.  I'm confident that Congressman Ryan will be a great partner for Governor Romney in getting America back to work."

Florida Republican Chairman Lenny Curry: "I commend Governor Mitt Romney on selecting vice presidential candidate Congressman Paul Ryan. Congressman Ryan's record of staunch fiscal responsibility is exactly the type of leadership America needs at this time. For years he has offered innovative ideas on how to fix some of the greatest problems facing our nation, such as reducing the federal deficit and reforming entitlement programs to ensure they are available for future generations.  

"America's Comeback Team is a fitting name for Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan--when I think of what their combination of commonsense, conservative leadership can do for our country, I have high hopes for what lies ahead. I congratulate Congressman Ryan on receiving this honor today, and I look forward to working closely with their campaign to ensure that they achieve victory in Florida this November."


U.S. Rep. Ted Deutch: "In selecting House GOP Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan as his running mate, Mitt Romney has embraced a radical vision for our country totally out of step with American people. Chairman Paul Ryan may be heralded as a courageous policymaker in Washington, but at home in my district, forcing middle class families and seniors to weather massive cuts just to finance new trillion dollar tax cuts for the wealthy is anything but brave.

"The retirees who rely on Medicare for their health and financial security, the families who deserve a government who invests in their future, and the workers who will pay higher taxes under the Romney-Ryan plan are not Democrats or Republicans. They are Americans, and in this make-or-break moment for our economy, they will not stand for a misguided ideological crusade."

Sen. Bill Nelson FaceBook message:"Romney VP pick bad for seniors. Signals an end to Medicare as we know it. My commitment to Medicare never stronger."


Agriculture Commissioner and Romney Fla chairman Adam Putnam (weirdly sent 12 hours late): “Mitt Romney chose a strong partner in my friend Paul Ryan. While in Congress, Paul Ryan has worked tirelessly to rein in federal spending and increase accountability for government programs. His conservative ideals and proven track record make him the ultimate choice for Mitt Romney's running mate and America's future Vice President.”


U.S. Rep. Gus Bilirakis: "Paul Ryan is not only an esteemed colleague, but a good friend, and I am thrilled that he has been chosen to be our next Vice President. He is a hard-working, well-respected family man who isn't afraid to roll up his sleeves and work to create hope and opportunity for all Americans. What I appreciate most about Paul Ryan is that he stands true to his values, doesn't always have to be at the center of attention, and has a true passion for making America a better place.  As Vice President, he will help save our country from the stagnant economy we have come to know during the current administration, and he will ensure that America is better off for our children and grandchildren."


US Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen: “I congratulate Governor Mitt Romney for making a superb choice in picking my colleague Paul Ryan as his nominee for Vice President. Like few leaders in Washington, Paul Ryan had the courage to put forth a plan that saves Medicare and Social Security. He has a hopeful, optimistic vision for the future of our country, and he's ready to lead on the important choices we need to make to expand prosperity to all Americans.


“On the issue close to the Cuban American community, Paul is with us on being firm against the Castro dictatorship. Paul has spent time learning the true nature of the Castro Regime, and unlike the Obama-Biden Administration, which has appeased and emboldened the Castro Regime, the Cuba policy of a Romney-Ryan administration will be clear: no accommodation, no appeasement. A Romney-Ryan administration will place maximum sanctions pressure on the regime and support the brave pro-democracy movement on the island.”


Dave Weldon: "I got to know Paul while in The House," saidWeldon.  "He is a solid, conservative family man with a wonderful supportivefamily.  What I liked about him most washe was a straight shooter.  When youtalked to him I always felt he was listening and being honest, which is oftenrare in Washington. Ryan is smart and he has real ideas to solve ournation's financial problems and he has the courage to fight for thosebeliefs. I always got the impression he was notin it for the career, but really cared about our country and where we were heading."


U.S. Rep. Steve Southerland: “Governor Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate reflects his genuine commitment to tackling the economic challenges facing America.  I have served with Paul for two years in Congress, in fact our offices are right down the hall from one another, and I have come to respect him as a thoughtful and principled leader who won’t shy away from the fight to advance freedom.  Governor Romney’s willingness to make bold decisions will serve our country well when he’s elected president in November.”


US Rep. Rich Nugent: "When I first took office almost two years ago, I had the opportunity to meet Paul and to find out what kind of man he is. I let him know then, as he was putting together a budget for the United States government, I needed to be sure that all Americans 55 and up would see no changes to benefits, that the tax code would be simpler and fairer, and that we had a credible plan to pull America back from the brink. He gave me his word that he would live up to those three things and he did just that."


Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer: “Mitt Romney's pick of Paul Ryan as a vice presidential  candidate is doubling down on a domestic policy agenda that we know does not work, because we tried it already, unsuccessfully, during the Bush era. If we want to turn Orlando and America's economy around then we need to reduce the burden on the middle class and create quality, high paying jobs in 21st century industries.  We need to move forward, rather than repeating the failed policies of the past.”

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