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Reporters Dong-Phuong Nguyen, Elisabeth Dyer and Janet Zink asked voters today what they thought of the matchup in Tampa’s City Council race for District 1 between Joe Redner and Gwen Miller. Here’s a sampling of their reactions:

West Tampa

“I voted for Gwen Gwendolyn Miller because I think she’s done an excellent job. I just think she deserves another shot.”
---Johnny Jefferson, 54, a civilian employee of the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

“There are some characteristics about both candidates I like. I like the fact that Joe Redner is independent. We need that. The fact that he’s an atheist, I don’t share his religious views and that’s important. A lot of the side shows that he’s going to bring, we don’t need that. They’ll spend their time talking about the Pledge of Allegiance rather than, ‘Are you going to widen this street?’
---Nelson Brown, 55, who is self-employed, explaining his vote for Gwen Miller.

New Tampa:
“I expect more from politicians, for them to represent the city well. Joe Redner is someone who appears to just want another grandstand.”
— Chuck Lewandowski, 48, certified financial planner

“I am bothered by Redner. He’s sued the city several times. It’s not the image we want for the city of Tampa.”
— Diane White, 56, telecommunications manager

“Mine is more of a protest vote. I’ve gotten a lot of phone calls and mailings at my house, all smears about Redner, about how he made his money from strip clubs. Isn’t Miller supposed to be an educator? It just got ugly. The truth is, I don’t care where (Redner) made his money. Jospeh P. Kennedy made a living bootlegging. Does that mean I can’t vote for Joe Kennedy?”
—Ron Silverstein, 67, country club worker

“I want a change, somone who’s going to make a difference than the same ol’, same ol’. (Redner) would make it entertaining.”
— Andrea Selner, 35, vet tech

East Tampa
“Redner is always giving back to the neighborhoods. I don’t see anything Gwen Miller has done in the time she’s been on City Council. The only time we see her is election time.”
Morris Scott, 52, of Central Park Village, voting at the College Hill Library

“You vote for the character of a person. Therefore, I’m not voting for Joe Redner. I believe marriage is sacred. Those kind of businesses demean that sacredness.”
Rodney Blake, 53, of Seminole Heights

South Tampa
“I sense that he’s going to be a little more of an advocate for making sure that when new development occurs, we account for it not just in terms of physical infrastructure but social infrastructure, like schools.
William Goodwin, 43, of South Tampa

“I like (Redner)’s positions. I think he’s articulate. He’s right on the growth issue.”
William Furman, 35, of South Tampa

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